How to Download Movies on VLC Media Player Online

Are you struggling to download movies on VLC? You need to understand that struggling is something humans are used to. Although it might lead to negative or positive results based on the steps, procedures or processes used to stop it.

How to Download Movies on VLC Media Player Online

Therefore, this article will be giving you the important steps to document and put to heart in order to download movies on your VLC. Thus, it isn’t hard, just pay rapt attention to it, as details and all you need to know about it are below.

How to Download VLC App?

There has been frequently questions like “can I download VLC App”? Yes, you can, there are simple steps to follow to achieve this. You just have to make up your mind to download movies on VLC, the VLC app must be present on your phone. Thus, the steps to download it are all below.

These are;

  • Make sure your Android’s Google Play Store is opened, after which you will tap the Google Play Store app icon, if you are literate about the app, it resembles a multicoloured triangle on a white background.
  • At the top of the screen will be seen the search bar, tap it, your Android’s on-screen keyboard will appear.
  • Then type in VLC once the VLC page is opened, after which you will tap VLC for Android in the resulting drop-down menu.
  • Lastly, on the right side of the page or screen tap INSTALL. Doing so will definitely prompt the installing of VLC onto your Android. If by any means prompted, just tap ALLOW after tapping INSTALL to confirm the download. Then you can open and use your VLC app.

Not everybody knows this, but once you download & install the VLC App on your device, You will be able to stream and get movies online on it. So, let’s head over to where You’ll learn how to stream Video on the VLC app.

How to Stream Videos on VLC?

If you are unable to stream videos on VLC due to you not having the knowledge about it. It’s okay because in this section of the article you will definitely know how to. Streaming videos is a necessary action or step to take before downloading movies on VLC so as to get to know if it is of your liking. So here are the ways or steps to do it.

These are;

  • First of all, the URL of the address bar of your browser for the online movie you want to play or stream should be gotten.
  • Afterwards, open-network-stream.
  • The video URL in the “Please enter a network URL” should be pasted and then the input field. Open-stream-media
  • Then the Play Button should be clicked which is located at the bottom of the page.
  • Lastly, you will see the VLC Media Player playing the online video from the local browser however it is based on your internet bandwidth.

What are the Steps to Download Movies on VLC?

When it comes to downloading movies on VLC, it’s something very easy to achieve because there are ways or steps to do it.

These are;

  • Click on the Media tab after which you will select “Convert/Save” so as to enter the Open Media Window. Then click on the “Network” option. Copy and paste the movie’s site web address into the URL field.
  • In order to enter the Convert Window, you should press the “Convert” button which is located at the button of the screen. Thereafter an output format got your video should be chosen by clicking the “Profile” drop-down box. Advanced options for your preset should also be set by clicking the first toolbar icon next to the ”Profile” box.
  • Then the “Browse” button next to the Destination File which is on the right side of the screen should be clicked, after which you will select a save location on your hard drive for your converted movie. Your file should be named and the including of the file extension at the end of the name should be made sure is done. Click “OK” to return to the Convert screen.
  • Lastly, to begin the download and conversion process, press “Start”

Now that You understand the process on how to download movies on VLC entails, it will be easy for you to do it without struggling anymore.

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