How to Convert Audiomack Music/Song to MP3 that You can Play on Other Music Apps

Songs downloaded from Audiomack can’t be played with other music apps. This is because it is one of the features of this app. With this, you will have to convert the song to MP3 before you can play it with other apps. I will bring the steps on How to Convert Audiomack to MP3 in this article.

How to Convert Audiomack Music/Song to MP3 that You can Play on Other Music Apps

Once you are done converting the music to MP3 you can play them using normal music apps and you can also share them with Xender or Bluetooth. The steps on how to convert Audiomack to MP3 are also easy.

How to Convert Audiomack to MP3

There are different methods available on How to Convert Audiomack to MP3 and I will provide them below. You will have to take note of both of them and use the one that is best convenient to you. Below I will provide the various methods.

Method One

  • To begin, open the file manager app on your mobile device
  • Go to the internal storage folder but avoid one of your SD Card folders
  • From the different folders provided, open “Android”
  • From the different options, select “Data”
  • From the folder that is named “com.audiomack”
  • Different folders will also be provided again, from there click “Files”
  • Select the folder named “Audiomack” from the folder, you will see files named as 9873795. You should note that all these music’s ae your downloaded offline Audiomack music’s. Don’t make the mistake of deleting them
  • Minimize the file manager app and open the Audiomack app
  • Open your Library where you will find the offline music
  • Next, sort the music’s to newest
  • Once you are done, go back to your file manager
  • Sort the file named after or you can name as numbers as in the Audiomack folder
  • Sport by date (newest first)
  • Rename the number files according to the music you will like to rename from your Audiomack app. it should go with this format Wizkid- Blow.mp3).
  • Move the renamed folder to the folder where your music is to complete the process.

Once you are done with this step, you can now visit your preferred music app and you will see your Audiomack offline music in mp3 format.

Method Two: Using Onlinevideoconverter

You can also use Onlinevideoconverter to cover Convert Audiomack to MP3 and the list below contains the steps you need

  • Connect your mobile device to an internet connection
  • Copy the Audiomack page address from your web browser or mobile app
  • Visit the Onlinevideoconverter official page by searching for the name or you can click this link to get to their page
  • Next, you will have to paste the copied URL into the whiteboard that can be found on the site homepage
  • Click “Go”
  • Select MP3 format from the various options provided
  • Finally, click the download button to download the song and also save it offline.

With these steps, you have successfully Convert Audiomack to MP3 using the Onlinevideoconverter and likes said earlier they are easy to carry out. You will have to follow any of the methods that suit you the most to complete to carry out the process.


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