How to Check Your Nigerian National Identification Number (NIN) on Your Phone

The Nigerian National Identity Number (NIN) has become very important in Nigeria and if you want the Complete Guide on How to Check Your NIN on Your Phone, then you are looking at the right content.

How to Check Your Nigerian National Identification Number (NIN) on Your Phone

So far, Network providers have gone as far as to disable the sim Card of individuals that have not linked their SIM to their National identity card. But if you already are in possession of a NIN Number, then below I would be giving you everything you need to on how to check your NIN on your Phone.

What is NIN

The Nigerian National Identification Number (NIN) happens to be a unique identification number that is given to citizens by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC). It is expected that everyone is enrolled and issued the NIN for the purpose of the all-round Identification. In recent times and maybe in the nearest future, this number is connected to every activity that includes banking transactions.

National Identification Number Registration Process

For students who have not yet enrolled for the NIMC’s NIN, it is very important that they do so in other to meet whatever deadline is fixed. In other to be enrolled.

  • First, walk into any NIMC’s Offices nationwide or check out the pre-enrolment portal
  • You are also eligible to register through other licensed agents.

How to Check Your NIN Using USSD on Your Phone

If you are enrolled for the National Identification number, then follow the steps stated below to check it on your mobile device.

  • Open your phone and then dial *346#
  • Then type ‘1’ to select the NIN Retrieval option if you are dialing it from your mobile number used in registering your NIN.
  • Type ‘2’ to select NIN search if you have lost your number, and you would be needed to enter some of your registration details.
  • After you have retrieved it, that is it.

So, if you have acquired you NIN number, and you want to check it, then just follow the steps stated above and that is it.