How to Check Your 2022 JAMB CBT Mock Exam Result

Do You want to know how to check your 2022 JAMB CBT mock Examination result? If your answer is yes, then you need to read this article. Well, it is not quite surprising that you want to know since you just wrote the mock exam not too long ago. Though the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board has not yet announced the mock exam result release.

How to Check Your JAMB 2022 CBT Mock Exam Result

If you wrote the mock exam I commend you for it because this will give you insight into how the main exam is going to be. This will actually make you more prepared for what is to come on the day you are to write your JAMB exam.

The mock result is not yet out and this article is going to be containing how to check your Jamb Mock Result so you can be prepared.

JAMB has made checking your result easy and they have also provided a service that automatically sends the candidates their results through email and text messages but not everyone will receive the email or text message so you would have to check yours yourself.

How to Check Your 2022 JAMB CBT Mock Result

To check your mock jamb result follow this procedure listed below.

  • Using your web browser visit the jamb portal at
  • Login to your jamb profile by filling your email address in the appropriate column.
  • On the page that appears to click on the result notification which is among the list of services and click on the UTME exam (mock).
  • The page that appears will display your result or a message will appear saying you did not participate in the exam.

Your result could be sent to you through your email address or through a text message.

How to Create a JAMB Profile

If you have yet to register for jamb this year though you may not be able to participate in the JAMB mock exam you can still register. One of the processes of registration is creating a JAMB profile and here is how to do so.

  • Visit
  • On the page, you are taken to fill in your email address and select a security option.
  • Click on verify the email address and an email will be sent to you.
  • Go to your email and click on the mail address from Do not delete the email because the additional information which is the code will be of later use.
  • On the new page fill out the form accordingly and correctly.
  • Review the information or details you have provided and click on sign up.
  • A message will display on the screen saying your account creation was successful and proceed to login.

You can also create your profile through SMS by sending your full name to the jamb code 55019 and you will receive a ten-digit confirmation code. Do not delete the code from your device you will use it later on. Also, note that one email and phone number is per candidate.

Two persons cannot register with the same email or phone number. And keep your security details to yourself to avoid other people accessing or sabotaging your profile.