How to Check Your 2022 JAMB CBT Exam Centre and Date through Email

Are you a prospective JAMB candidate looking for how to check Your centre and date through email? If yes, then You need to read this article.

How to Check Your 2022 JAMB Centre and Date through Email

This year’s joint admission matriculation board examination is already knocking at the door and as a student preparing for the examination there are certain things you have to put in place and one of these is to learn how to check your 2022 JAMB centre and date through email.


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Why You Need to Check Your JAMB Center and Date

No doubt, one of the biggest examinations written across every state in Nigeria is the joint admission matriculation board examination. This is one of the popular examinations in Nigeria due to the fact that it is an examination body that regulates the admission process to higher institutions in Nigeria.

JAMB examination takes place annually for every candidate to write, this means that institutions also admit students annually. As the 2022 JAMB examination is fast approaching the JAMB body would be sending respective candidates’ dates, centres and times to their email given during registration.

As of now, candidates are already checking their jamb exam centre and date through the mail, if you haven’t don’t this then this article on how to check jamb centre and date through the mail is actually meant for you

Note: You should also be aware of the fact that without you being aware or knowledgeable on how to check the JAMB centre and date through the mail you might have issues writing the examination.

How to Check Your 2022 JAMB Exam Center and Date through Email | Steps/Procedures

So far you can still remember the password to your JAMB email address the other processes are quite easy. Below are the processes on how to check your JAMB centre and date through email;

  1. Make sure you have an active internet connection
  2. Login to your email address used during registration.
  3. Check your inbox
  4. You will see a message from jamb in the format no.reply
  5. Open the message
  6. You will find a PDF format attached to the file
  7. Download the file and open it
  8. Your jamb examination centre date and time would be shown to you.
  9. You can then proceed to print

Checking Your jamb centre and date through the mail has been made simple through the processes above all you need to do is to follow.

Note: The issue candidates face when to checking their JAMB centre and date through their email is mainly due to loss of the email address login details they used to register.

How to Pass Your 2022 JAMB CBT Exam: Check Tips Below

Many prospective candidates do ask the question of how can I pass my jamb. This might be due to the fact that most people do say the jamb examination is a very difficult one to pass.

In the real sense passing of jamb examination is actually a very easy thing to do, all you have to do is just put in place the necessary thing that would enhance your unhindered success. We would be providing you with some important tips on how you can pass your jamb below;

  • Don’t be scared or afraid during your examination
  • Start reading very early
  • Focus more on jamb past questions and syllabus
  • Keep away from distraction
  • Learn from other experiences of other candidates.
  • Learn the art of time management
  • Don’t forget the God factor

These are the tips that would help you easily pass your jamb without issues when made use of. You should also know that you have to start reading and revising more as the exam is around the corner.

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