How to Change Your Facebook Account Email Address

Everyone who creates a Facebook account either uses their email address or their mobile number. But the majority of the people who open Facebook account makes use of their email address because it is a lot easier and better to use. But what if something happens to your Facebook email address and you wish to change it? changing your email address is easy, but most times people change their Facebook email address because they feel they have been hacked. If you ever feel that your email address has been hacked, or for some reason you want to change the email address you used for your Facebook account the I would be giving you the right tips on How to Change your Facebook email address.

Facebook is the world most used social media platforms today, meaning that there are lots of activities going on in the platform that are not right. As a user, you need to try your best to keep your account safe, especially from fraudsters because there are lots of them on Facebook. Especially, you do not just need to keep your Facebook account safe, you also need to keep your email address safe. This is mainly because with your email address detail anyone can gain free access to your Facebook account. And you would not want to have to go through the stress of changing your email address.

How to Change Facebook Account Email 

Changing your email address on Facebook can be done on any device that accesses Facebook. It may be on the web, Mac OS, iOS, Android etc. all you have to do when you want to change your Facebook email address is:

Using Your Web Browser

  • Open your Facebook account
  • Then select the arrow pointing down at the top right corner of the screen
  • From the General tab, select contact
  • Select the “Add another email or mobile number” icon
  • Type in the new address and click add
  • You might be required to re-enter your password. Do that and then click the submit icon.

You can choose to remove your old email address anytime you wish to; all you have to do is to go to the contact tab and click remove. Once you are done with adding a new email, a confirmation message would be sent to you. Click the link in your email address that you want to add that address to your Facebook account.


If you are making use of your iPhone or iPad you can easily make your changes on the device. The steps to doing the two of them are not the same so pay attention:

  • Open your Facebook account
  • Go to menu
  • Then tap setting and privacy
  • After that click setting
  • Then personal information and after that click email address
  • Select the “add email address” icon
  • Enter the address you wish to add and tap add email
  • Check your email address and click confirm to verify that you made the change. Facebook might require you to enter a code.

Once you enter your new address, you might need to access Facebook from your computer to make the new email your primary email address.

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