How to Browse Facebook for Free with Your Glo Sim Card Network

Wondering the steps on How to Browse Facebook for Free on Glo? If You are among those looking for this, You will get the guide here. Facebook is one of the most used social networks in the world. There is no doubt that millions of users are subscribing to their network line to use this service.

How to Browse Facebook for Free with Your Glo Network

Now, with the new update of Glo having to offer free Facebook to its subscribers, many are found wanting to know how to browse Facebook for free on Glo. It may sound unbelievable but it’s true. Besides, some take it as a cheat but it’s a special offer from Glo.

This is much more of a great benefit as it helps save some cash due to this update. We can go online on Facebook for as long as we want. Now, you can text your loved ones, post daily, or chatting your peer groups without having to get notified of the data you have left.

Does Glo have Free mode on Facebook?

Of course, it does have a free mode for browsing  Facebook. Although there are some restrictions as you can’t be able to view photos as that may require data. Once you try to click on any photo, you get a notification informing you that you would be charged if you want to view photos giving you the option to decline or to accept.

How Free Facebook on Glo Works

This is actually a great wonder as I have also made use of it too. Really it’s true that it is free as I don’t have any data or much credit on my balance account but I was able to chat, like, or comment on posts without my small credit being touched.

Even if I wasn’t able to view photos using the service, I was able to chat with lots of people and get the information I needed without spending a dime. Isn’t it great? Moreover, it’s so fast due to the non-viewing of photos.

Free Facebook Activation on Glo

Surprisingly, the free Facebook needs no activation code or subscribing to any tariff plan. As long as you are a Glo user, you are entitled to enjoy this free service automatically. All you need to do is to go to or on your favourite browser.

Then you are good to go. Once you go to this website, just input your Facebook username and password,  that’s all and you can start chatting and commenting as you like.

How to Browse Facebook for Free on Glo

So much excitement all around as Glo offers its users free Facebook browsing. You must be lucky to have one. Writing on your friend’s wall, updating your profile status, and so much more can be done freely using the Glo sim.

To gain access to this service is so easy as you just need to go to or on your browser.

How to Use Facebook Free Mode on Glo Using the App

The free Facebook service is automatically activated on the Facebook app once your data is finished. Once you open the app, it lets you know that you are on the free service as right at the top of the page, you can switch to data mode if you want.

Besides, once you see that photos are not appearing on your page, you should know that you are on the free service.

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