How to Browse Facebook for Free with Your 9mobile (Etisalat) Sim Card Network

Wondering How to Browse Facebook for Free on 9mobile? If so, You will get the complete guide You need to carry this process in this article. After a long wait, 9mobile has partnered with free basics which are in collaboration with Facebook. This shows that 9mobile customers can now browse Facebook freely.

How to Browse Facebook for Free with Your 9mobile (Etisalat) Network

You don’t need to pay a dime knowing how to browse Facebook for free on 9mobile. So also, you don’t need to buy data too. Although, Airtel was the first to do offer this feature and now 9mobile. This new feature provide by 9mobile allows subscribers to stay in touch with their loved ones 24/7.

The feature is so amazing that easily switch between the free and data mode. The free mode is the free Facebook feature while the data model requires you to have an active data plan. On the contrary, you don’t even have credit in your account not to talk of a plan and still browsing.

Steps on How to Browse Facebook for Free on 9mobile

9mobile partnership with Facebook on this free browsing will help increase connectivity among people. Although the feature has some limits. In the sense that, you cannot view photos,  videos, and GIFs.

To see those items, you need an active data plan. If you have, you can easily switch to the data mode and view them. This feature works on the Facebook app and Facebook web.

How to Browse Facebook for Free

Facebook permits their users to browse for free using the free basics platform. The free basics platform offers free access to lots of sites other than the Facebook social network. As long as you have your data connection on and your network line is collaborating with them.

You can go on to your browser and go to . you would see a lot of free sites, click on Facebook and then sign in.

How to Browse Facebook Without Being Seen on Android

Well, it doesn’t matter if you are using the android device or another.  You can browse Facebook without being seen. Facebook itself has provided a feature for that. You can be online on Facebook doing any activities like watching videos, viewing comments, and all that.

Still, no one will know that you are active. You can do this by going to the privacy option in the Facebook setting and changing your online presence.

Can I Browse Facebook Free on 9mobille?

Of course, you can. Just like Airtel and other network lines that offer free Facebook. 9mobile has partnered with Facebook and as such you too as a 9mobile user can enjoy the same feature. Switching between free and data models using the Facebook app. You can as well access the platform through the browser for free

What is a Facebook Browser

The Facebook browser is an open-source web browser developed by Facebook. It grants you permission to access your Facebook account on the web browser. So, you don’t have to be on only the app operating your account.

Although the Facebook app has better information architecture still the browser has its own advantage. Not all the time we are close to operating our phones.

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