How to Break the Ice with Your Match or Crush on Facebook Dating

Whenever you hear the word break the ice on Facebook dating, you should know it talks about how to start up a conversation. After getting a match on Facebook dating, the way you start a conversation with the person matters a lot.

How to Break the Ice on Facebook Dating Chat

Also, a potential date might pick interest in you simply because of the way you approach him or her on chat. Breaking the ice is not just about starting up a conversation, it is also about how you keep up with the chat to make the person feel relaxed and comfortable around you.

Tips to Follow in Order to Break the Ice on Facebook Dating

Sometimes, people ask questions like, how do I break the ice on online dating? Here you will get the possible ways and tips to help you break the ice with your Facebook dating match. So, the tips are as follows:

You can simply break the ice by talking about your match’s profile. Firstly, go through the person’s profile and use anything that might be a topic that will lead to a discussion.

Starting a conversation with your match by just saying “Wow, what a nice profile” is a good start. And, it will enable you to get a quick and positive response from your Facebook dating match.

  • Don’t just start with hi

Starting a conversation with your match on Facebook dating with just “Hi” isn’t a bad idea. But it looks just too simple to get someone’s attention. Try spicing it up with words like:

Hi, hope you are having a nice day.

Hi, how are you doing?

  • Start Conversation with Jokes to Break the Ice on Facebook Dating

To break the ice on Facebook dating, you don’t have to be too serious with everything. So, sometimes just try to start up a conversation with a person by putting a smile on their face.

  • Compliment without sounding creepy

People love it when they get compliments, especially from strangers. However, you can give a nice and sincere compliment about your match on Facebook dating. Try not to overdo it, just be simple and nice about it.

  • Hobbies

Another way to be an icebreaker is to discover what your match’s hobbies are and talk about them. Actually, this will definitely interest them if you are talking about something they enjoy doing.

As an example, So, you also enjoy watching Power series!!!!, this can be for someone who’s hobbies is watching movies.

  • To Break the Ice on Facebook Dating, Ask for Opinion

You can break the ice by asking for opinions from your potential dates about anything. It could be movie suggestions, about resolving an issue or even on how to resolve an issue you had with someone.

  • Know Your Match’s age

Furthermore, ensure you know your match’s age before starting a conversation with them. This will enable you to know how to start up a conversation and the best means to be an icebreaker.

  • Always keep it positive

Always try to keep it positive when you meet someone on Facebook dating. You can use terms like “Trust you having a great day” or  “Have a nice day at work”. This is a way to break the ice because it will help your match always thank you for making him or her stay positive.

Startup with Gifs to Break the Ice on Facebook Dating

To break the ice on Facebook dating you can start up your conversation by sending your match a gif. There are different types of gifts, so you can also pick a suitable one to start up a conversation.


You can get the attention of your match by using one of the tips above. Also, you stash a better chance of getting closer to a person you met on a dating app if you know how to break the ice. So, ensure you do the needful to break the ice on your Facebook dating.

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