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Are you a student looking for how to take the first position or become first in your class? If Yes, then You need to be reading this article. There are so many things you should understand about being first or beat in your class. It is much easier to attain than to maintain.

How to Become First in Your Class this 2023/2024

This article would help you with all the necessary tips you need to know.

How To Become First In Your Class

1. Read More Than Any Other Person in Your Class

First girl in class

There’s a famous saying that “Readers are leaders”. This is not wrong at all. You must be a dedicated reader and study your notes and textbooks very well. The number of hours you invest in studying would reflect in your academic performance.

2. Do All Your Assignments

Assignments serve two major purposes:

  • They help the teacher assess student understanding
  • Assignments also help the student participate actively during the course of the term/semester.

Assignments attract marks most times. These marks form a part of your cumulative score for the term. By the time you are already skipping assignments, your cumulative score would be reduced by small percentages.

You should be ready to take assignments super-seriously if you plan to beat your class/coursemates.

first in class does assignments

3. Ask A lot of Questions. Never Rest till You Understand Concepts

There’s something about desperados…

desperados take first in class

….hmmm. If you aren’t desperate about getting answers to questions about different topics, you could as well forfeit thinking about getting first in class.

4. Learn to Spend Hours Memorizing

A lot of people believe the lie that you could read your notes like a normal storybook and it will stick…..fallacy!!! There are a lot of definitions, explanations, labels of diagrams and formulas that you’d have to memorize ( a.k.a CRAM) as a student. Deal with it!

5. Always ensure Your Notes are Complete

If you don’t have a complete note, what do you plan to read? Believe it or not, notes are much easier to read compared to textbooks. As a matter of fact, in any textbook you’re reading, you should be ready to summarize it into notes if you plan to get the best out of it.

Also, most teachers and instructors set their tests and examinations from their notes! So be wise

be wise, to take first, copy notes

6. Learn to Take Note of Areas of Concentration

Sometimes, close to exams and tests, some teachers give students areas to focus on while preparing for exams. Take note of these areas and read them very well.

Nevertheless, some teachers could deceive students with AOCs and end up not setting from there. Just be wise!

7. Go the Extra Mile

Don’t only rely on notes and lectures, these are very good in themselves but research would help you with a  lot of extra points you could use when answering theoretical questions.

8. Set Mock Tests and Exams for Yourself

Even after studying for so many hours, you might not be able to know exactly how prepared you are for a test or examination if you haven’t tested yourself!

9. Never See Yourself as the Obvious Best in Your Class; Be Humble

Be ready to ask anyone any questions whenever you aren’t understanding anything. If you aren’t humble enough, you would most likely not go far enough.

Also, seeing yourself as just an ordinary student would help you study to the best of your capacity

Never relent on past accolades and achievements!

10. See it as a Competition

It’s what it is. Accept it. You have to treat topping your class like any other competition and be serious about it.

11. Listen Very Attentively in Class

A normal person remembers only 10% of what you read but you could remember 30% of what you hear!

Source: https://www.worklearning.com/2006/05/01/people_remember/

12. Practice Questions

Especially, with calculation subjects/courses, this would help you with both remembering formulas and understanding concepts at the same time, you’ll be preparing for your examinations.

13. Select Intelligent Friends

Although this is not always the case, you could always find some motivation from studious friends.

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