How to Apply for Your NIN | CHECK NOW

The need for a National Identification number in Nigeria is now high ever since the news came that SIM would that are not linked to NIN would be blocked. people are now flooding NIMC halls just to get theirs done, and if you are one of them, then you must definitely want to know How to Apply for Your NIN. Well, if you are interested in applying for NIN number, then you need this content.

How to Apply for Your NIN | CHECK NOW

Right now, not only SIM is being affected, students that would be sitting for JAMB this year are expected to have the NIN done if not it would not be possible for them to be registered for the exam. NIMC is also encouraging applicants to enroll for their NIN so as to help in their application.

How to Apply for Your NIN

Steps on How to Apply for Your NIN is stated below. To start the application, you would be required to fill up the pre-enrolment form online, download and print out the pre-enrolment slip.

  • First of all, fill the NIMC Pre-enrolment online form using the portal via this URL
  • The mandatory fields are to be filled completely with all the correct information.
  • Download and then print the pre-Enrolment slip

Once you are done, submit the application

  • Visit the nearest NIMC registration center with any of the following original and valid supporting documents.
  • At the center for the Enrolment, you would be directed to a counter where our enrolment officer would be needed to verify the presence and compliance of the details of your application.
  • If you set your application in order, the enrolment officer will guide you through the procedure of the biometrics capture (ten fingerprints and facial image) and you will have to collect the transaction ID slip as proof of transaction.


  • Any applicant that is having issues with reading or writing is to be accompanied by a literate individual that can help them fill the form.
  • Any minor applicants are to be accompanied by the parents/guardians, and they can choose to do the filling for them that is they cannot do it for themselves.
  • Minor applicants are expected to come with their original and valid birth certificate and NIN slip of one of the parents/guardians.

NIN Issuance

  • The normal time frame required for the issuance of the National Identification Number (NIN) Slip is 2 to 3 working days from the time the biometric details are to be captured at the Centres for enrolment.
  • The Issuance of NIN might take a lot longer than in certain cases based on the validation of details at NIMC. VFS has no role to play in other to expedite for such cases.
  • The Transaction ID Slip would be required to be stored carefully by an applicant as candidates would be presented at the time of the collection of NIN slip stating the completion of enrolment.