How to Apply for a Student Loan at Admiralty University of Nigeria (ADUN)

If, by chance, you are a student of the Admiralty University of Nigeria, also known as ADUN, and you somehow can’t afford the school fees anymore, this is for you! We will tell you where and how to apply for student loans in ADUN.

How to Apply for a Student Loan at ADUN

What Type of Loans can ADUN Students Apply for in Nigeria?

The following are the types of loans that ADUN students can apply for;

  • The government backs up agencies like NLSB, so students can get loans from one of the government schemes like this.
  • A handful of banks and financial institutions offer overdrafts that cover their tuition fees, textbooks, and some to Nigerian undergraduates.
  • Education support funds. Several state governments in Nigeria have created support funds for their indigenous groups in tertiary institutions.
  • Certain private organizations offer educational loans to students in Nigeria. An ADUN student can get a loan from there.

Eligibility Requirements to Apply for a Loan as an ADUN Student

The following are the things that make you eligible for a student loan;

  • You must be a Nigerian.
  • Be at least or above the legal age (18 years).
  • Must be a student of ADUN.
  • A valid guarantor.

Documents Required to Apply for the ADUN Student Loan Application Process

Here are some documents that will be required of you during the application process;

  • Birth Certificate or Affidavit.
  • Admission letter.
  • Academic transcript/Statement of result..
  • Passports.
  • Guarantor’s information.
  • Bank statement.

Loan Application Process for ADUN Students

The application process for Admiralty University of Nigeria students may involve the following;

  • The first step is to do your research and find out what loan you would be applying for.
  • The next thing is to determine if you are eligible because different loan offers have different eligibility.
  • If you’re eligible, good for you. The next thing is to gather all the documents required.
  • Apply for the loan and wait for feedback.
  • Once your loan is approved, the next thing is to accept it.
  • You will receive the money next.
  • The last step is to keep track of the loan’s repayment schedule.

Although the lenders might take a while to verify the documents, this application usually doesn’t take too long.

Alternatives to Loans for ADUN Students

Should in case, you’re not eligible for student loans, or you were denied it, no need to worry, there are certain alternatives that you can earn to settle bills in school. Here they are;

  • Work-Study Programs. Schools offer these programs to help students earn by working part-time jobs on campus. A School like ADUN would also probably offer it.
  • Grants and Scholarships. Several state governments offer scholarship opportunities to their students. Big companies like NNPC also offer grants and scholarships to Nigerian undergraduates. There’s currently an ongoing scholarship.
  • Online part-time jobs are also an option


Nigeria’s economy keeps dipping, and schools have hiked their fees and paying them has become an inconvenience, so I hope this article helps you clear that out of the way.

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