How to Add a Beneficiary on the Wema Bank Mobile Android & iOS App

The Wema mobile banking application is called Alat and it has got swag. The ALAT application by Wema Bank takes beneficiaries very seriously that is why they dedicated a whole section to managing your beneficiary. That is why I will be sharing with you this article on How to Add Beneficiary on Wema Mobile Banking App.

How to Add a Beneficiary on the Wema Bank Mobile App

With this Alat application, Nigerians can do a lot more than go fully digital banking. They can open and manage their account to send money without going to a branch and even add beneficiaries.

Wema Mobile Banking App “ALAT”

Alat Is your mobile application if you bank with Wema bank that gives you access to go fully digital. I personally like it when a bank personalizes their banking application, by giving it a different name a unique to look and hyping it up for its customers.

This app is packed with lots of features and can be downloaded easily from both the app store and the play store.

This app is more than just a banking app it’s an award-winning app that also allows you access to a free debit card, lifestyle benefits, and up to 4% annual interest. Above all this application do not give you ridiculous transaction all you need to do is download install register and use it.

Features of ALAT Mobile Banking App by Wema Bank

When you have completely downloaded installed and registered for the Alat application, here are some of the things you can do with the application:

  • The app is used to check your transaction history and account balance.
  • To get your account information.
  • To make faster payment.
  • send and receive money
  • you can request your statement of account in pdf format
  • Gives you Easy access to FAQ.
  • Helps you pay your bill easily.
  • buying of airtime for yourself and other people and more.

These and more are some of the best features of the Alat application that makes it feel very useful.

Download and register the Wema Bank Mobile ALAT App

Before you can make use of ALAT,  just like any other banking application you must download install and register with your bank. If you do not do these three steps it is impossible To make use of the Weimar mobile banking application. That being said carry out the procedure below to set up your ALat application.

  • Visit your App Store or Play Store and search for ALAT.
  • download and install the application and click on register.
  • answer your phone number password and everything required of you.
  • enter the SMS OTP code that you will receive.
  • finally, link your ATM card and your account number, and you are done.

How to Add Beneficiary on Wema Bank Mobile App

After You download, install and register Your ALAT Mobile banking app with Wema Bank, You will need to learn How to Add a Beneficiary to it. To add beneficiary to the below procedure:

  • Open your ALAT application.
  • Now tap on transfer
  • Type in the beneficiary details that you want to add.
  • Verify the name if it is correct and tap on add beneficiary.

Once that is done the persons account details will be added to your list of beneficiaries. You can go to setting and tap on manage beneficiary to also add and remove beneficiaries.

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