How to Add Beneficiary on Fidelity Online Mobile Banking App

Beneficiary management is one of the most important parts of online and mobile banking. Mobile banking has brought to us so much that it has literally erased the chances for us to always go to a physical bank branch. That is why in this article I will be showing you How to Add a Beneficiary to Fidelity Online Mobile Banking App.

How to Add Beneficiary on Fidelity Online Mobile Banking App

One thing that you cannot do on your physical Bank branch is to manage your beneficiary. But using the online fidelity mobile banking application you can add and remove beneficiaries anytime you like. More details about that are given below.

Fidelity Online Mobile Banking App

The fidelity Bank online mobile banking platform is on two fronts,  we have the online mobile banking and then we have the mobile banking application. Online mobile banking can be easily gotten from the fidelity banks website why the application can be gotten from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Getting any of these platforms will make your banking as seamless and smooth as possible. If you have online banking there is no need in going to a physical bank branch for anything other than withdrawing cash.

If want to get started with the fidelity Bank mobile banking application or website you should start by enrolling on your own. You do not need the presence of a fidelity bank worker to do this or do you need to go to the bank. You can upload your pictures customise your settings and everything all on your own and begin making transactions with your Liberty Bank mobile app.

What can Online Banking Do for You?

With the Fidelity Online Mobile Banking App On your mobile device, you will have the power to control your banking. Below are some of the features and things that online banking will do for you;

  • Buy Airtime
  • Pay your bills
  • Purchase airline tickets
  • Payment made fast and easy
  • Managing transaction limit
  • Have your beneficiary at a go.
  • Multi-levels of transaction authorization
  • Process intra and interbank payments and more.

When you start doing online banking with the fidelity Mobile Banking platforms these are some of the benefits you will be enjoying.

How to Add Beneficiary on Fidelity Online Mobile Banking App

Now, let’s talk about the main aim of the article, which is on how one can Add a Beneficiary to the Fidelity Online Mobile Banking App. Having beneficiaries added to your banking platform can be done for both the online website banking and then the fidelity Bank application. This can be done easily by saving your contacts bank information for later use.

Let us now see how you can save the future is using the fidelity Bank online mobile banking application:

  • First of all login to your Fidelity mobile banking app or the website.
  • when you have successfully logged in tap on Transfer.
  • Now enter the bank details of the person and verify the name.
  • when the person’s name has been verified and displayed on the screen tap on Add beneficiary and you are done.

After the person is saved as a beneficiary on your next transaction with that person you will no longer need to enter the person’s account details. All you have to do is to tap on beneficiaries and select the person from there and make transactions easily with the person.

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