How to Add Beneficiary on Access Bank Plc Mobile Banking Android or iOS App

I will be showing you How to Add a Beneficiary on Access Bank Plc Mobile Banking App today. I will tell you this right now access bank is one of my favourite banks I use very often. I prefer it to other banks this is because I have never had any trouble using any of their services. All the services I use on their mobile banking Platform is always smooth and seamless. Adding and removing beneficiary is as easy as a breeze.

How to Add Beneficiary on Access Bank Plc Mobile Banking Android or iOS App

The Access More App; What You Need to Know

First of all, I want to start this article by telling you that the Access Bank mobile application is no more. It has been changed to the Access More mobile application So you will no longer find the previous app you are used to.

Do not panic the Access More application is just like the previous app you are used to but with a lot of twists. This new app is built on cutting-edge technology that will blow your mind away and give you that smooth transaction.

It offers tailored and personalized services, and an excellent customer experience like as you have never seen in your life before. If you doubt me let’s take a look at some of the features of this new app.

Features of the Access Bank App

This new app comes with a lot of features that is why the name was changed to the Access More application. This means they are giving you more options with your mobile banking experience.  so below are some of the features of the new application:

  • Get access to instant loans.
  • Schedule your payment options
  • Dark theme is available
  • Payment can be done using Bluetooth payments
  • AccessAfrica is available
  • It has a secure face identification feature
  • there is an  application to apply for a visa in Dubai
  • contains foreign currency transfers
  • Self-Pay QR generation for Intra-bank Transfers is all available.
  • Credit card repayment option is available
  • You get access to access to Access Rewards
  • Bancassurance
  • Do Quick Order/Restaurant Payment
  • You can opt-in on XclusivePlus Subscription
  • Gives you Digital Marketplace (Central by Access)
  • Make LCC Balance Enquiry as Quick Service.

These are not all the features of this new access Bank mobile app. I am just mentioning a few of them go get you existed.

How to Get On-Board the Access More app

If you have been using the Access Bank mobile app before and you need to switch because by now it has stooped working. To switch to the new application follow the procedure of below:

  • Visit the Play Store or the App Store.
  • Now tap on download the “AccessMore” app.
  • After the app has been downloaded log in to your account.

How to Add Beneficiary on Access Bank Plc Mobile Banking App

Adding beneficiary to any banking application is easy, the option always comes up when you have entered an account number and the name is shown. However, follow the procedure below to know how to do so:

  • Login to your account on the application.
  • Tap on
  • Select the bank the beneficiary uses.
  • Enter the beneficiaries account number to confirm the name.
  • After the person’s name has been verified tap on Add beneficiary below the person’s name.

Once that is done you have now successfully done the process of adding a beneficiary to your Access More application.

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