How to Activate Greenlight Card at

Activate Greenlight Card at

The greenlight card activation allows the parent to teach their kids/teens responsible financially. After setting up your account and receiving your card on greenlight, you will need to activate your card for proper use.

Activate Greenlight Custom Card at

Thus, to start making transactions with your greenlight card, you must activate it. Although, this article is here to help you with the processes/steps of activating the greenlight card.

What Does it Mean to Activate Greenlight Card?

If you have been trying to run transactions from your greenlight card and it is not working, make sure to check if your card was successfully activated. As said earlier, getting your card activated will give you access to all the feature (saving, investing, and spending) on

Greenlight Complaints

However, many of us may not really know how to activate the greenlight card. To fix that scroll down to the steps on activating your card. With the impressive features on greenlight, not many have complaints but few.

Is Greenlight Safe?

Greenlight cards can be trusted, many of their users have come out with great reviews on the platform. This banking platform has an EMV chip in it to keep all your information’s safe. Moreover, it is no doubt that greenlights card is safe and secure to use.

Besides, it is even issued through a community savings bank, which is FDIC insured. To conclude, I will say you should go for it!

Is Greenlight Sign Up Compulsory before Getting Cards?

Of course, it is. For you to activate your card it is not possible to do that without signing up on the platform. To get yourself a greenlight card you must go through the sign-up stage, which your parent or guardian should do for you. So yes, it is compulsory.

Do You Have to Customize Greenlight Card before Activating it?

Well, it depends on whether you have an interest or not, for those who may want to customize their greenlight card will have to pay a fee of $9.99.

This cool feature allows kids to design either their favourite furry friend or any drawing. This beats other platforms that offer similar services because kids love anything with drawing and colour. Now, they even have the chance to get a drawing they want on their greenlight card.

Pros and Cons of Greenlight Know Before Using Them

Everything site has its advantages and disadvantages. Well, here are some lists of the pros and cons of greenlight cards before signing up or activating it.


  • The parent/guardian has to control the child’s spending and transaction history
  • Parents can also set up goals on the app like completing their school work or house chores.
  • It really helps groom kids in money skills
  • Parents have the power to block specific spending and spending in some places (like some stores).
  • FDIC insures it
  • You can use the Greenlight Mastercard anywhere
  • Their monthly subscription can cover up to 5 kids at a time


  • Their monthly plan fee can be more expensive than others that offer similar services
  • It usually requires the use of the mobile app in managing the physical debit card
  • There is no reimbursement if charged by the ATM provider
  • It doesn’t support ATM cash deposits at all.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Greenlight Card to Activate

After you activate the greenlight card, you should wait patiently for a mail that says your activation is successful. Although the usual time it takes is within 48 hours to receive the mail that the card has been activated.

Types of Greenlight Card to Activate

There isn’t any other type of cards under Greenlight. However, The only type of card greenlights uses is the Mastercard. It is a standard Mastercard debit card that you can use anywhere.

Is Greenlight a Prepaid Card?

The greenlight card is of course a prepaid debit card. This feature is to allow our parents to teach us how to be smart and responsible with money matters. The debit card Is normally linked to your parent/guardian’s card or bank account.

How to Activate Cards on Greenlight Platform

Need help activating your greenlight account, Well here is the place for you to follow the proper step to guide you on how to activate your card. Card Activation Reviews

The greenlight banking platform is one of the tops and best places for a parent to give his/her child debit card access. with the aim of teaching them how to manage, spend and save money responsibly.

Greenlight reviews are really good on the app store and play store, with 4.8 and 4.2 stars consecutively. This means that the users of greenlight are truly enjoying the features of the app.

How to activate your greenlight card via the Website

For those who want to manage their greenlight card on the website here is how it is done. Go to and check the step below and follow the same procedures. (For via the mobile app)

How to Activate Your Greenlight Card via App

Here is how to activate your greenlight card when you have received it;

  1. If you don’t have the app yet go to the app store or play store and search for greenlighting
  2. Now, enter the app
  3. Go to the parent’s dashboard
  4. You should see a notification telling you to activate your child’s card
  5. Tap on the notification and put in the card details required

If you can’t see the notification;

  1. Go to your child’s dashboard
  2. Tap on the card icon, which will take you to the card management page
  3. Tap “activate new card”
  4.  lastly, put in your card information.

Greenlight Card Activation Number

These are the number within your child’s greenlight card. All of which may be asked for during activation of the card, some of which include the 12-digit number and expiry month/year.


Lastly, With all the information provided above, I hope this will help fix your problem. Note, the usual time it takes to receive the mail that the card has been activated is a minimum of 48 hours. You may contact their help Centre if you are not satisfied or have more issues beyond the above.

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