How Many Years for PhD After Masters – Can I Get a PhD Without Masters

When you acquire a masters degree you get a chance to promote your career and also increase your chances of lifetime earning. Though it doesn’t sound really pretty to go back to school to master a course similar to the one you engaged in in your bachelor’s degree program. Considering that you get 20% higher lifetime earnings if you possess a masters degree than a professional with only a bachelor’s degree. Some individuals are also interested in going after PhD degree but they should firstly know how many years for PhD after masters.

A PhD program which is the acronym of a doctor of philosophy. Ancient texts and scrolls say that philosophy was obtained from Greek words, Philo and Sophia and it means love of wisdom and lover of wisdom. That has brought out the fact that people who goes after a PhD degree (a post graduate program – doctor of philosophy) are so much interested in gaining more knowledge, learning more and going further in education. Acquiring a PhD degree cannot be done hours or days that’s why you should know how many years for PhD after masters.

How Many Years for PhD After Masters

The schedule for a PhD program is so tight due to the load of courses, graduate training and dissertation work. Before you go into the PhD programs you should know how many years for PhD after masters so you can work harder and smarter to get enough money to pay for your PhD tuition fee. When you enroll for a PhD program, you may find it a bit difficult to work while you study to pay for the fees of the program and your personal upkeep. So, it is either you have the money prepared or you apply for scholarships.

Can I Get a PhD Without Masters ?

Well it is possible to get a PhD without masters but it is very rare. You can go into PhD straight out of undergraduate, some individuals will even go into programs with their graduate credit but with no completed masters degree. That being said, a complete course work required for mater’s degree will still be needed that will be done as a part of your PhD program, but this is not in all cases.

In some cases, institutions offer a five-year program of which the first two years will be spent completing a requirement for PhD and also acquiring a masters degree, then the remaining three years will be for the PhD program. Though the usual path is always two years for masters degree and four years for PhD, but this saves a year for you.

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