IT Power Outages Can Cause Serious Business Damage in a Matter of Hours

It’s no doubt that Power has a very huge impact on the world we live in today. Yeah, a lot of business owners invest well in Power generation and its maintenance. This is because they know how well IT power outages can affect their business availability and profits. Well, details about the effect of outages on business are given below.

How IT Power Outages Can Affect Your Business This Year

Understanding the Cost and Damages of IT Outages for Businesses

IT outages, downtime, and unplanned failures can have serious consequences for businesses of all sizes. They can lead to a decrease in revenue and loss in business and sales. It also results in lost inventory, wages, marketing, and labour costs.

Additionally, there is reputational damage and loss of valuable data. Legal penalties and banking fees imposed in an event of failure to deliver the promised services are another story.

When it comes to businesses, dealing with an internet outage is much less complex. Firstly, most ISPs offer dedicated business internet plans, which are more reliable and feature-rich compared to their residential counterparts. Secondly, in an event of an internet outage, you can get in touch with their dedicated business customer service.

For instance, Cox internet plans can simply dial the Cox customer service number, and considering the urgency of business operations, they will facilitate them accordingly.

Importantly, IT power outages is altogether a different ballgame, as they affect the entire Business network which has serious repercussions.

IT Power Outages and Their Consequences to Business owners

In the current business landscape, so many companies have switched to cloud-based solutions. They offer their services, products, and apps over cloud-based networks that require solid IT infrastructure. The need to create and maintain a reliable IT infrastructure is more than ever. Because when the entire networks go down, it becomes hard to even assess the losses from a variety of costly consequences.

IT outage is not just an inconvenience. Companies are left frustrated and struggling to manage the time and money lost in such unfortunate events. So much so that these downtimes can inflict a blow that’s capable of shutting down the business altogether.

However, the true cost of IT outages varies according to the nature and scope of business operations of a particular organization, its size, and the extent of its reliance on IT systems. The following are some of the most common results of network downtimes. 

– How IT Power Outages Affect Business via Data Loss

Data is the most precious asset for any company. And losing it is the worst nightmare for any organization. Network downtime, IT outage, and server outage are similar terms. And all of them can result in loss or exposure of data.

Fortunately, most cloud service providers back up data, but if the downtimes happen in the middle of important business operations, the results could be unpredictable. For instance, files, folders, or drives can get corrupted or damaged.

Additionally, such incidents are golden chances for opportunists looking for attempting cyberattacks and data thefts. Compromised data can create panic for business owners. The matter is more serious for business owners with companies operating on big data analysis. A downtime for even a few hours can be a crippling blow to their business operations.

Lastly, the inability to access data, even for a brief time, can create havoc. Customers may end up losing trust in your company and look for more reliable options.

– How IT Power Outages Affect Business via Loss of Productivity

In today’s business scenario, online availability of products/services is mandatory. In addition, smooth online communication is also essential to every business. Various online operations include email, chat software, online customer support on support systems, and so much more.

Also, cloud-based options to access files, tasks, and data are always in use. For instance, Dropbox, Google Drive, and so on. An IT outage means a screeching, sudden halt to all these activities.

Today, companies of all sizes are relying on cloud-based apps. This means that the employees will have nothing to do until the servers and network are back up. The result? Loss of time, energy, effort, and productivity.

And companies will still have to pay operating costs, labour costs, salaries, and rents even if the workers remained idle and weren’t able to meet deadlines due to IT outages. No one can be blamed in the said scenario.

Take a manufacturing company for instance. An unexpected outage can shut down the industrial equipment, resulting in halting the entire production line. Until the disconnected machinery doesn’t come back online, the manufacturing operations will remain shut.

The result? Massive loss in productivity until you solve the network issue. In addition, for interlinked company units, delayed operations in one unit can cause problems in others.

– Reputational and Brand Damage

IT downtime can also cause reputational and brand awareness damage. If your business partners and customers frequently encounter network outages, it can lead to a loss of credibility and trust. Having frequent negative experiences will make them look for your competitors for better services.

Furthermore, your company will also suffer from reputational damage as the customers who gave up on you will share their poor experiences with others (your potential customers). Bad word of mouth spreads like wildfire and it will ruin your hard-earned reputation. Winning back the public trust and rebuilding the lost reputation won’t be easy.

Therefore, invest in highly reliable network infrastructure to keep all these inconveniences and losses at bay.

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