How Dating Can Affect Your Academics If You Are Not Careful – How Dating Affects Studies

What are you try to prove for your that you can be dating and still want to force with your academics it not possible, because this two thing can not be put together because this two thing deserve full attention on there own, so if you are trying to put this two thing together you just want to put yourself inside a big stress

According to Dr. Mallora Gordie,” he says that dating in itself requires many demands “and your academics itself we also require its own. It can not be easy for you as a student to play along with these two things, so it’s better you face your study and after you can now enter in the industries of dating.

So at your state now it will advise that you should face your studies because you still have many years in front to be in a relationship with anybody you want. Stress does not have to be negative because everyday people have demand that causes stress so it is important to have an adequate way and skill to deal with the stress that overwhelmed.

How Dating Can Affect Your Academics If You Are Not Careful

Just like student everywhere, university of Benin also struggle with finding the balance of their live, because once you pass through the stress of class, preparation for exam, extra classes, and they still want to add the dating alone side it we it be easy at all, so to have good grade you have to give up something and dating most be out of it.

According to the research done with the use of psychological services, it shows that out of 3000 students in the university like 1000 of those students choose their relationship life more than there academic because that what they want but they forget about the main thing that brings them to school too has a good grade

There is another thing that will not affect your academics when you are in a relationship, and this is the parent side. Because if you are in a relationship, your partner wants more attentions like why you academic and more so your parent is also expecting a good grade from you, and where the big problems is when your parent known about the relationship and they told you to drop so that you can focus more on your academics and you live this your partner and you are are not ready to lose him this may make you parent decide to stop sending you to school and it makes you want to do extra job after school and this we affect your academics in all ways.

So why can’t you just try to face your academics and have a good grade, so you late enjoy life if being in a relationship.

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