Housekeeping Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship – Apply Now!

As a housekeeper there are housekeeping jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship you can apply for and these jobs have various requirements. As a housekeeper who aspire to work in Canada this article is going to throw light on some important facts you will need to know. These facts will help you secure a job and live in Canada.

Housekeeping 2022 Jobs in Canada + Visa Sponsorship

Housekeeping Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

A good thing about working in Canada is that a lot of employers offer visa sponsorship alongside the job offer. Having visa sponsorship from an employer helps the visa process greatly. Working in Canada as a housekeeper will also broaden your horizons especially if you really like to experience a change of scenery.

Who is a Housekeeper

A housekeeper is a person who manages the household. The housekeeper manages the cleaning staff if there are any and ensures that the environment is in good condition. Apart from cleaning, a housekeeper also reports any safety hazard in the house and also makes sure that the supply is restocked in the household.

The housekeeper cleans, vacuums, and performs other household chores.

Responsibilities of a Person Working Full Time or Part-time Jobs in Canada as a Housekeeper with Visa Sponsorship

Working as a housekeeper comes with responsibilities, you may be working part-time or full time but there are still tasks that you are expected to complete and these include:

  1. Make sure that the home is clean, organized and tidy.
  2. Taking care of laundry, ironing and also managing wardrobe.
  3. Cooking and running errands
  4. Carry out grocery shopping and get school supplies for the children if any.
  5. Take care of the house pets if any.

Benefits of Working in a Canada Housekeeping Jobs with Visa Sponsorship

Though this is not a high-end job it also has some great benefits. So here are some benefits of working as a housekeeper in Canada.

  1. Good pay
  2. You can work part-time
  3. You get to work with children
  4. You are made a part of the family.
  5. Get free time after doing chores and sending the kids to school

Type of Visa to Apply for to Get a Canada Housekeeping Visa Sponsorship Jobs

Here are several visa programs that are available for you to use in applying.

1. Express Entry

Using the express entry to apply then you are willing to move to Canada as a skilled worker. For your occupation to be considered under the skilled worker program it will have to be grouped in a skill lever, it could be skill level 0, A or B.

There are other programs under the express entry but the one you will be able to use is the federal skilled worker program.

2. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

The provincial nominee program allows you entry to the country as a skilled or semi-skilled worker and has already gotten a valid job offer that is very needed in a particular province in Canada. Since this program is to help provinces or territories in Canada to find people willing to work to fill in the shortage in the labour market.

3. Home Support Worker Pilot

This program helps housekeepers applying under the NOC 44101 to enter the country. This program requires that you have a full-time job offer in the country, that you meet the age requirement and that you also meet the language requirement.

With this program, once you have a year or 24 months’ worth of experience in the country you can apply for permanent residency. This is one of the ways to get Housekeeping Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

4. Atlantic Immigration Pilot

This program is also similar to that of the provincial nominee program. This program is for skilled workers who are wanting to stay in a particular province and the provinces are a part of this program.

Also, this program is helping the Atlantic provinces to find workers for their labour market shortages. With this program, you can apply for permanent residency at the same time you apply for a work permit.

Requirements to Apply for Canada Housekeeping Visa Sponsorship Jobs

Here are some requirements you will need to meet before you can apply for a housekeeping job in Canada.

  1. Have a first aid certification
  2. Have secondary-level education
  3. Training in elderly care and also with those with disabilities.
  4. Have home management experience
  5. Have a college degree in home support courses.
  6. Educational credentials assessment is required

Where to Find Housekeeping Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

Where can you find housekeeping jobs that will also provide you with Visa Sponsorship is really simple. Here are some websites you can use that will help you find a job very easily.


How to Apply for Housekeeping Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

With the links above the application process is made easier. Here is how to easily apply for the housekeeping job of your choice

  1. Visit any of the links that are listed above
  2. Once on the home page of the website selected enter the search box
  3. Type in “ jobs in Canada with Visa sponsorship” and search
  4. The search results will appear and you will see different job offers
  5. Select the job offer of your choice, read the employer requirements and the job benefits and then click on apply.
  6. You will then follow the onscreen instructions and fill in the form appropriately.

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