HiiL’s Innovating Justice Challenge 2020 Accelerator Programme (Funding Available) | APPLY NOW

The HiiL Innovating Justice Challenge for the year 2020 is a program that is created for all that startups worldwide that are transforming the justice sector in their own individual ways to become part of our 2020 accelerator program so they can use the experience to better their help make the world a better place.

HiiL's Innovating Justice Challenge 2020 Accelerator Programme (Funding Available) | APPLY NOW

The HiiL Innovating Challenge allows for upcoming startups to be able to have access to a better platform where they can learn and communicate with other people like them. Since 2011, we have successfully funded, trained and scaled over 110 startups globally. We are the only accelerator worldwide dedicated to justice and SDG16.

Full Information About the HiiL Innovating Justice Challenge 2020

The Innovating Justice Challenge invites the most promising justice startups from East Africa, West Africa, Southern Africa, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) , Ukraine. This program guarantees all participants Training, peer learning, coaching and mentorship towards the common goal which they all have

Participating startups would have access to the 10,000 EUR non-equity funding and also have full access to a global network of justice institutions, impact investors, legal tech organizations and academics. Also, they are Potential investment opportunities for them during the program and they would also experience International exposure (at the INNOVATING JUSTICE FORUM 2021).

Eligibility Requirements

The hiil innovating justice challenge for the year 2020, is a program that brings justice startups cel. Different parts of Africa the world together. All participants of this program Stand to benefit experience which can be applied towards their own business. These are the eligibility requirements for the hill innovating justice challenge for the year 2020.

  • This program is looking for services that prevent or resolve justice problems (e.g. help people to get access to legal services, work on removing barriers for people to access financial services, or get a registered identity, preventing (digital) fraud, tracking crime, etc.). are already showing serious traction and measurable impact.
  • They also require for them to have a strong business model with the potential to become financially sustainable, have the ambition and plan to scale across different markets and they expect for this startups to be led by a strong team of the experienced and inspiring founder(s).

These are the major eligibility requirements that startups must have before they decide they want to apply for this program. These requirements are very important, if they fail to reach them they wouldn’t be selected for the program.

How to Apply

The application for this program is online, individuals or startups should make sure they are eligible to be selected before they apply because if not they wouldn’t be accepted by the program organizers. These are the steps to follow when individuals want to apply to the HiiL Innovating Justice Challenge for the year 2020.

  1. Open web browse
  2. Opens the application website https://www.hiil.org/innovating-justice-challenge
  3. Scroll down and click on apply
  4. Fill the application form

These are the steps to apply for the hill innovating justice challenge for the year 2020.

Application Deadline

Interested applicants should apply before the deadline date which is August 5, 2020.



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