18 Happy New Month Prayer to Send Your Student in December 2023

This article provides a list of Happy New Month prayer messages you can send to your student in December 2023.  December is the twelfth and last month of the year in the Gregorian calendar, used worldwide. This month, we should be grateful for so many things.

18 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Student in December 2023

Send Happy New Month prayers to your students and show them how grateful you are that you all have overcome various challenges from January to December.

9 Happy New Month Prayer to Send Your Male Student in December 2023

For your male student, send some of the prayers below for December

1. Prayer for Thankfulness

As we step into December, I pray before the Lord that your health will be full of gratitude for the journey you have led through this year. I thank the Lord for the wisdom, knowledge, and strength He has provided for you in this new month.

2. Guidance in Studies

I ask the Lord for His continued guidance and wisdom as he studies. The Lord grant you clarity of mind, focus, and determination to excel in your academic pursuits. The Lord will always guide you in your studies, and you will always excel.

3. Prayer for Strength and Endurance is One of the Happy New Month Prayers to Send Your Male Student in December

To our Heavenly Father, I pray for your physical and mental strength. The Lord will help you face any challenges with courage and endurance. I also pray that you will have peace knowing that the Lord is your source of strength.

4. Blessings in Relationships

Lord, I pray for blessings in his relationships with peers, teachers, and family. May he be a light of kindness and understanding, fostering positive connections with those around him; in Jesus name, amen.

5. Gratitude and Contentment

Heavenly Father, teach him the importance of gratitude and contentment, even in times of difficulty. Help him to find joy in the journey of learning and growing. I also pray that you will always be happy and joyful throughout this new month; in Jesus name amen.

6. Prayer for Purpose and Direction is Among the Happy New Month Prayers to Send Your Male Student in December

Lord, I seek your guidance in helping you discover your purpose and direction in life. I pray that the Lord help you discern your passions and talents and opens doors that will lead you towards a fulfilling future in Jesus name.

7. Protection and Safety

Happy New Month, my dearest student. I pray that the Lord will have His protective hand over you, keep you safe from harm and surround you with His angels as you go about your daily activities in Jesus name, amen.

8. Opportunities for Growth

Dear God, I ask for opportunities that will allow you to grow both academically and spiritually, emotionally and socially. Open doors that will shape him into the person the Lord has destined you to be in Jesus name; amen, and a happy new month.

9. Prayer for a Heart of Gratitude is One of the Happy New Month Prayers to Send Your Male Student in December

Lord, I come before you to pray that he may cultivate a heart of gratitude for all the blessings you bestow upon him. May he recognize your hand in his life and give thanks in all circumstances in Jesus name amen.

9 Happy New Month Prayer to Send Your Female Student in December 2023

Here are 9 prayers for your female students in December. Make your female students feel loved by sending them these prayers.

1. Guidance and Wisdom

Dear Heavenly Father, we come before you seeking your divine guidance and wisdom for our beloved student as she navigates through the challenges of this new month. May you illuminate her path and grant her the discernment to make wise decisions in her studies and personal life.

2. Strength and Perseverance

Almighty God, we ask for extra strength and perseverance for our students. Help her overcome any obstacles that may come her way, and may she find the courage to press on towards her goals, knowing that all things are possible with You.

3. Prayer for Peace and Calm is One of the Happy New Month Prayers to Send Your Female Student in December

Lord, amid the busyness that often accompanies the year’s end, grant our students a sense of inner peace and calm. May she find solace in your presence and experience a tranquil spirit that enables her to focus on her studies effectively.

4. Favour in Studies

Gracious Father, we pray for favour upon our student’s academic endeavours. Bless her with a keen understanding, a retentive memory, and the ability to grasp even the most challenging subjects. May her efforts be rewarded with success and achievement.

5. Mind and Body

Loving Creator, we entrust our student’s physical and mental well-being into your hands. Grant her good health, both in mind and body, so she may approach her studies vigour and vitality. Strengthen her immune system and protect her from any illnesses.

6. Prayer for Blessed Relationships is Among the Happy New Month Prayers to Send Your Female Student in December

Heavenly Father, we ask for your guidance in our student’s relationships with her peers, teachers, and family. May she experience kindness, understanding, and mutual respect in her interactions, fostering an environment of positivity and growth.

7. Financial Provision

Lord, we pray for your provision for our student’s financial needs. Whether for tuition, books, or other essentials, we trust that you will provide abundantly and meet every requirement according to your glorious riches.

8. Creativity and Innovation

Creator God, we acknowledge that you have given our students unique gifts and talents. We pray that you inspire her creativity and ignite her innovative spirit, allowing her to approach her studies with fresh insights and perspectives.

9. Prayer for a Heart of Gratitude is One of the Happy New Month Prayers to Send Your Female Student in December

Gracious Father, in this season of giving and gratitude, we ask that you cultivate a heart of thankfulness within our students. Help her to recognize and appreciate the blessings and opportunities that come her way, both big and small.


With the above prayers, make your student’s day and ensure that they are inspired and motivated. Use this opportunity to pray for them and also motivate them. Also, may these prayers serve as a source of comfort and encouragement for your female and male students in this new month of December. Amen.

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