15 Happy New Month Prayer to Send Your Son in March

The beginning of March is the best time to wish your son well by sending him an effective prayer. Besides, as a parent, you want the best for your children. A new month is a time to start fresh and make new goals for yourself and your family.

15 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Son in March

Thus, with this in mind, we have a special prayer for you to say for your son in the new month of 2024. However, this prayer is intended to bring blessings, guidance, and protection to your son. We hope that by saying this prayer, you will feel closer to your son and God.

Prayer for Good Things for your Son in the New Month of March

1. Good Fortune

Happy new month, dear son. I pray that Good fortune will be your portion in this month. Hence, you shall not experience lousy fortune in this new month and beyond.

2. Good luck

Dear Son, I pray that in this new month, whatever you are doing will bring you good luck. Also, bad luck will be far away from you in this new month. Happy new month, dear Son.

3. Good Friends

I pray that in this new month and beyond, God will help You to find good friends who will stand by his side whenever You need them. Indeed, I pray that bad friends will be far away from you in this new month.

4. Good Benefits

You shall make good use of this new month and benefit from it.

5. Good News

I pray this month will be filled with good news and beautiful moments. Happy New Month to you, Dear son.

Prayer for a Great Mindset and Doings: Happy New Month Prayer for your Son this March

6. Heart of Kindness

I also pray that in this new month, God will always give you the heart of kindness to do good to others. Happy new month, Son.

7. Full of bliss

I wish you a fabulous month ahead of you, and may the month be full of bliss. Happy New Month to you, my handsome son.

8. Charitable Heart

Further, I pray that God should give you a charitable heart so others will look to You for support when times are hard. Happy new month, Son.

Other Effective prayer Points for your Son in March

9. Positive Changes

May this new month positively change your heart, life, and world. Henceforth, wherever you go, people shall experience positive and good changes. Happy New Month to you, my dear son.

10. Enjoyment

I pray that God will give you many reasons to enjoy the new month. Then, anything that wants to stop you from enjoying this new month shall not prosper. Happy New Month, my dearest son.

11. Courage

It’s my heartfelt prayer that God gives you the courage to fulfil your dreams. Happy New Month to you, son.

12. Grateful

In this new month, all your wishes will come true for you, and you will have a reason to be grateful. Happy New Month, my dearest son.

Prayer of Positive Achievements in the New Month of March for your son

13. God’s Grace and Favour

You will have a beautiful month because God’s grace and favour will abound. Happy New Month, son.

14. Great tidings

May each day of this new and beautiful month bring you great tidings. Happy New Month, dear son.

15. Breakthrough

It’s your month of breakthrough and abundance of happiness; step in and shine on. Happy New Month, handsome.


Finally, as we end this prayer, we want to leave you with a sense of hope and peace. May this new month bring you and your son closer and strengthen your relationship. May God guide and protect your son as he goes through life’s ups and downs.

Hence, may your son feel your love and support, no matter his challenges. May this new month be a time of joy, growth, and new beginnings for your son and your family. Amen.


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