13 Happy New Month Prayer to Send to Your Nephew in April 2023

Note that prayer can be really beneficial to the life of your nephew as we start this new month, the month of April. In this write-up, you will definitely see a prayer that could touch his life for good.

13 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Nephew in April 2023

Happy New Month Prayer to Send to Your Nephew in April

The following are good prayer points for positive changes in the life of your nephew:

1. Success

As you go through this new month, success is your portion. Also, you will get to see the success of your loved ones. So, wishing you a happy new month to you.

2. Self-control

Happy new month, I pray that concerning your self-control will be present in your life. So, anger and other vices will not get the best of you this month and beyond.

3. Love is another New Month Prayer for your Nephew this April

In this new month, the grace to love and to be loved is yours. You will love your family and your family will love you.

4. Protection

Concerning you and your household, whether it be going out or coming home, certainly, the lord, Most High will guard and protect you this month. Happy new month.

5. Mercy

May the mercies of the highest follow you wherever you go, at work and at home. And, hope you enjoy your new month, happy new month.

6. Victory is Another powerful New Month Prayer for Your Nephew this April

A happy new month to you. And, I pray concerning you that every battle raging in your life, if you know about it or not I declare victory. Enjoy your Month

7. Gratitude

Every day, the Lord loads us with many benefits and many gifts. So, my prayer for you is the ability to be grateful for the things the Lord has done, is doing, and will do for you. Happy new month, wishing you the very best this month.

8. Closeness to family

I pray that God will grant you a strong and tightly-knit relationship with your family. In addition, when one call, the others will be able to help.

9. Ability to inspire: Prayer for your Nephew in the New Month of April

In this month, you will begin to find yourself in places, places to inspire others, to make a difference. And, when you get to those places, I pray that God will grant you the ability to inspire those around you.

10. Gifts

I pray concerning you that, in this new month, you will begin to receive gifts and great things from God and from man. And, let those gifts be beneficial to your growth as a person. Happy new month.

11. New beginnings

Every chain holding you back in the past and keeping you from greatness is now broken. From now on, as you go through this new month, it is a new beginning, the past will no longer hold you back

12. Restoration is Another Prayer for your Nephew in the New Month of April

Hence, I commit you to the hands of God and declare that whatever you may have lost in the past month or long ago, I command restoration to occur in your life. Furthermore, you will get more than what you lost.

13. Optimism

In this new month, you will no longer see things with darkness. Rather, you will be optimistic, always able to see light in things. And, your optimistic ways will positively impact others around you.


Prayer is a very powerful weapon in the bringing down of strongholds and the attack on the plans of enemies and minions. However, we must always be mindful of those around us, we must “watch and pray” in order to get the best results.

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