13 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Mother in December 2022

Happy new month prayer for your mother in December 2022 is a must. It is important to walk and talk with the Lord concerning your loved ones, especially your mother. Praying for health, success, an increase of faith, praying for strength and much more for the life of your mother who has been your supporter in all that you do.

13 New Month Prayer to Send Your Mother in December 2022

13 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Mother in December 2022

You can Wish your Mother a happy New month in December with prayer and here you see some amazing prayers you can send her.

1. Prayer for Faith and Guidance

Dear God in Heaven I thank you for your love and support. I pray that my mother will walk in faith in all that she does and always remember to seek your guidance. That circumstance will not define her and her identity as your child.

2. Prayer for Direction

Loving father, please let your Holy Spirit lead my mother and the Holy Spirit will give her guidance and direction. Perfect Father when she becomes overwhelmed by the things happening around her please let her have peace.

3. Prayer for Wisdom is One of the Happy New Month Prayer for Your Mother in December

Father Lord, you are the giver of wisdom and now I ask for wisdom concerning the life of my mother. Help her make wise decisions no matter what pressure she may be under. Let her seek your guiding light in all that she does.

4. Prayer for Providence

Dear Creator, you made my mother and you know her better than anyone else.  Help my mother to trust in your providence and let her remember that you are her provider, sustainer and protector. Let my mother follow and trust in your providence

5. Prayer for Light in Darkness

Dear Lord, you are my rock and my redeemer; you have been my source in all that I do. I come before you to pray for my mother that your light will shine brightly in her life and that you will guide her feet towards peace and love in Jesus name amen.

6. Prayer for Comfort is Among the Happy New Month Prayer for Your Mother in December

Dear God I pray that my mother will always run to you for comfort and peace. As you said in your words, we should cast aside our worries and cares. You also said in your word that even when we walk through the valley of the shadow of death will fear no evil. So Lord let there always be peace and comfort for my mother.

7. Prayer for Redemption and Mercy

Lord, you are our rock and redeemer; I thank you for being faithful and for the fulfilment of promises in our lives. I pray for my mother that she will be redeemed and that your mercy. I pray that she always remembers that your mercies are new every morning in Jesus name amen.

8. Prayer for Grace

Father Lord in Heaven I pray that your grace will continue to abound in the life of my mother and that she will always pursue you. I also pray that the life of my mother will be filled with the riches of heaven in Jesus mighty name amen.

9. Prayer for Love is One of the Happy New Month Prayer for Your Mother in December

I pray for love, I pray for joy, I pray for peace. I pray that the life of my mother will be filled with joy, peace and love. That she will prosper always, that she will show unrelenting love to others around her and also to her family in Jesus name amen.

10. Prayer for Persevering

I pray that in this new month that she will always be able to persevere. That no matter what comes her way she will always persevere and put her trust in your holy word. I also pray that no matter what happens we will always be pushing forward in Jesus name amen.

11. Prayer for Strength and Courage in Difficult Times

Dear Lord in Heaven, the king of kings, the Lord of Lords and the prince of princes. Father you are the I am that I am, the one that says yes when a man says no, so for the life of my mother I pray that she will have the strength and courage to overcome difficult times in Jesus name amen.

12. Prayer for Patience and Understanding is Among the Happy New Month Prayer for Your Mother in December

Father Lord, I know that we are to trust in you in all things, so lord I ask for patience and understanding in the life of my mother so that she will understand your will for her and be patient when following your perfect plan for her life, In Jesus name amen.

13. Prayer of Thanksgiving

Father Lord, I am forever thankful for the beautiful gift you placed in my life since my birth, for giving me my mother is something I will always be grateful for. Thank you Lord for putting her in my life, she has been a support and a blessing to me. Dear God I cannot thank you enough.


The Bible tells us to honour our mothers and fathers and praying for them is a way of honouring them. Your mother has been a source of support so sending her prayers and praying for her is just the bare minimum you should do for her as her child, so one way of honouring your mother is to pray for her.

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