15 Happy New Month Prayer to Send Your Grandmother in March

This March, you can bless your grandmother’s month by sending her prayers on the first day whilst still sending her a new month’s message. Check out the prayers we have for grandmothers this March.

15 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Grandmother in March

You don’t need the best grammar for a new month’s prayer. You need prayers to send. We have nice prayers for you. We hope you find these prayers helpful.

Prayers of Blessings and Faith for Your Grandmother  this March

We know your heart desires to ensure Grandma has the best month ever. You can pray specifically for areas in her life that require her to have such blessings. Here are some of the prayers Grandma should send to bless her body and soul.

  • Prayer for Dominion over your Opposition

Grandma, happy new month to you. I pray that this month may execute dominion over your oppresses in life. Amongst your peers, Grandma, may you exercise dominion over them. Amen. Happy new month once again, Grandma.

  • Prayer for Breakthrough

This month, I pray that you receive your breakthrough. Every stumbling block obstructing you and your breakthrough will be removed. I pray also that you enjoy the land’s goodness this month and beyond. Amen. Happy new month to you.

  • Prayer for Miraculous Encounters

Dear Grandma, I wish you the very best in life this month. I sincerely pray that you experience all manners of miracles in March. May your encounter with people lead to a series of miracles. I love you, grandma. And I wish you a happy new month.

  • Prayer for a Whole New Manifestation

As you celebrate the entrance into a new month, I pray that your life begins to manifest the good promises of the Lord. May you manifest favour like never before. More importantly, I pray you manifest good health and a sound mind. Amen. Happy new month, ma.

  • Prayer for Double Portion

I release unto you the blessing of double portion by the power of Jesus invested in me. Where others celebrate favour, you will celebrate unlimited favour. Yours shall testify to double anointing, double grace, and double blessings. Amen. Happy new month to you.

New Month Prayer for Blessing for Your Grandmother in March

  • Prayer to Eliminate Stagnation

May you never experience stagnation. I declare that your life knows forwardness in March. May you never find yourself in a position where you can’t move forward. May your life never go backwards. You will continue to advance forward and never be stuck. Amen. Happy new month, grandma.

  • Resistance Prayer Towards Intimidation

Welcome to another beautiful month, Grandma. I pray that your spirit and will are strengthened to resist every intimidation against you. May you never be intimidated by the evil ones. Where your will to resist fails, the Lord will come through for you and make you victorious. Amen. Happy new month to you, Grandma.

  • Prayer for Freshness

May God’s freshness and goodness be evident in your life. When men ask for proof of serving God, may your whole life prove it through his freshness. In your health, I decree for the fresh breath of the Almighty God on you that you may flourish in good health. Amen. Happy new month to you.

  • Prayer for Unstoppable Advancement

Every force working against your progress to cut it short will lose its hold over your life this March. Your stepping into March marks the beginning of unstoppable progress. You won’t be unlimited in life anymore. Amen. Happy new grandma.

  • Prayer for Testimony

Happy new month to you, Grandma. I pray that testimonies continue to abound in your life. May your lips sing the songs of testimonies every day in March. God bless you richly this March, grandma.

Prayers of Blessings to People to Send your Grandmother This March

God blessed us through the people that come our way. Your grandma is one such person. You can be specific in prayers about her being a blessing to others. Surely, she is a huge blessing to you and capable of moving mountains for others. Let’s hop on these prayers.

  • The Prayer of Divine Favour

Just as Esther found Favour in Ahasuerus’s eyes, may you find favour in the eyes of the most high throughout your days in March. May favour speak for you where your speech fails you.

May I favour talk for you in a room where everyone is against you? Above all, I pray that you are not just a partaker of the favour, but may you be a mighty vessel of favour to others that needs it. Your favourite grandchild is wishing you a happy new month.

  • Prayer for Global Impact

Dearest grandma, I welcome you to a promising month. I pray that your life this month will have a global impact. May everything about you be a life-touching moment for others. I pray continuously that your life will be the inspiration that others need this March. Happy new month, my dear grandma.

New Month Prayer for Blessing for Your Grandmother in March

  • Prayers for a Contagious Joy

As joyful as you are, may your surroundings also feel that joy. I pray that your life will be God’s vessel to spread joy to his people this March. May you be the flame that lights up their darkness, and may your smile turn their gloomy day into a glorious one. Happy new month to you, grandma.

  • Prayer for her not to Lack

It is my prayer that you will never experience a lack in March. I pray that you are the one the Lord will use as a source to others. Happy new month, grandma.

  • Guidance Prayer

May you be the guide that the lost need. May you be the light that will lead the lost out of darkness. Also, may you be the love that casts out hatred from the heart of men. In addition, may you be the blessing the cursed need to be blessed. Happy new month, grandma.


In summary, your grandma’s monthly experience is about to upgrade from ordinary to extraordinary with these prayers. Just be free to send her any prayers with love.


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