13 Happy New Month Prayer to Send to Your Grandmother in April 2023

Prayer for the new month of April is definitely what your grandmother needs to open doors and shake the ground. So, we have some prayers that can surely make a difference for her.

13 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Grandmother in April 2023

Happy New Month Prayer to Send to Your Grandmother

1. Grace to Pray

The grace to pray will overshadow you as we enter the new month of April, you will be able to pray with fire in your tongue. Also, your prayers will be answered. Happy new month.

2. Renewed Strength

I pray that God will increase your strength, all the strength you have lost over the years, I pray that it will be replenished. April’s blessings are yours.

3. Burning for God’s: New Month Prayer to send your Grandmother in April

As we enter into this new month, you will have a burning desire to have a greater relationship with God. Furthermore, your relationship with God will constantly get stronger and stronger.

4. Long Life

By the grace of God, I pray that you live a long and satisfying life. Moreover, your life will be very peaceful and enjoyable. Your life will be a blessing to those around you.

5. Prosperity

I pray that in this new month, God will prosper the works of your hands. For every positive thing you set out to do, I pray God will bless it and cause it to prosper. Happy new month, wishing you the best this month.

6. Favor is Among the Prayer points for your Grandmother in the New Month of April

Hence, the favor of God will be present in your life going into this new month. Favor from man and favor from God. In addition, your actions will make people want to select you.

7. Prayer for closeness to God and relationship

Hence, I pray that your relationship and your knowledge of God will keep on growing. And, you will never get tired of hearing about God. Also, you will never depart from His presence.

8. Prayer Against Limitation

As we enter into a new month, your life will have no limitations and stagnancy. Also, May you continue to experience growth. Happy new month.

9. Rest is Also Another Prayer Point for Your Grandmother in this New Month of April

At the end of your labor,(academic, spiritual, financial, etc), I pray that you find rewards and after you find rest. Thus, your rest will be savory and we’ll deserve it.

10. Prayer for her family

God will constantly watch over you and all your family members. Moreover, God will continue to give your family good success. We pray you enjoy the month of April.

11. Prayer for relationship growth

God will continue to strengthen your bond with your family as you move forward. Furthermore, love will never cease from your entire household.

12. Open Doors is Included in the New Month Prayer points for your Grandmother in April

I pray that going forward, doors will open for you. Positive doors that were previously shot in your life will now open. And, the things blocking your path are no more. Enjoy this beautiful new month.

13. Good health

In this new month, I separate you from any plan or work of the enemy to make you sick or weak. Hence, I pray for cleansing over your entire body, head to toe of everything the lord did not install in you.


Prayer is a great way to open doors in our lives. However, we should neglect watching while praying. However, watching and praying is the best way to get results in your life. And, as you do this,  you will see great things in your life.

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