15 Happy New Month Prayer to Send Your Grandfather in March

It is not just the beginning of a new month but the dawn of a new season. In this season, be the first person to send intentional prayers to your father. We can help you with that. We will bring the Happy New Month prayer to send to your grandfather this March.

15 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Grandfather in March

You need prayers for your grandfather; these are some excellent prayers to send him in March.

Prayers for Life and Well Being

He may be old, but that does not deprive him of enjoying life’s goodness. You can pray these prayers specifically for him to enjoy the best lifestyle in March.

  • Prayer for Provision

Happy New Month to you, Grandpa. This month, I pray that the Lord will meet you at every point in your life. May your cup never be empty. Also, may your barns never know a state of emptiness. May your pocket never run dry. Amen. Also, I pray that you enjoy every moment in March.

  • Prayer for Happiness

I pray that every day in March gives you a reason to smile generously from your heart. I also pray that the happiness God will bless you with this month will be contagious. Also, may everyone around you share your joy. May you have the most merry month ever. Amen.

  • Prayer for Miracles

Dear Grandpa, I want to especially welcome you to March with so much love in my heart. I pray that you experience true miracles this month. Miracles of people that surround you with love in their hearts. Miracles of good health and miracles of financial help. May you experience all these in March.

  • Prayer for Abundance

As the stars in the skies are uncountable, so will your blessings in March be uncountable. I declare into your life this March that you will never sow and reap nothing. Every effort of work you put in March will come back to you in an abundant feature. Your grandchild wishes you a happy new month.

  • Prayer for Defense

The Lord will be your shield all through March. He will go before you and secure you a safe path to thread on. The bloodsucker won’t see you by day or come near you at night. Happy New Month to you, Grandpa.

Well-Being New Month Prayer to Send Your Grandfather in March

Prayers to End Hardships

Hardship causes and leads to a lot of things like poverty, long suffering, diseases, and struggles. There are specific prayers to pray to ensure your grandfather does not suffer from hardship in March or to deliver him from any form of hardship.

  • Prayer against Difficulties

In this March, I am praying that you will not experience any form of hardship. As you toil the land for its fruit, it will yield forth fruit. The Earth is at your service. It will respond to you at the time of your needs. Amen. Happy new month to you, sir.

  • Prayer against Imminent Disaster

Any form of disaster ahead of you in March is caused to be ineffective. May it never be heard that you are a victim of a disaster, natural or man-made disasters. Amen. Happy new month.

  • Prayer to End Afflictions

Afflictions of sickness and diseases shall never near you. Nor will past affliction rise again in your life. This month, you are protected by the blood of Jesus from every rising affliction coming your way this month and beyond. I wish you a happy new month, Grandpa.

  • Prayer to Eliminate Misfortune

In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I feel you from the chains of misfortune. May you never find yourself in a place of misfortune or a series of misfortune. Happy new month to you.

  • Prayer to Calm Every Storm

Grandfather, your loving grandchild is sending you warm love as you enter this excellent March. From love in my heart, I pray that God gives you peace. The innermost peace that calms every past and rising storm in your life. I pray for peaceful days even in the middle of challenges and a healthy mind to defeat March’s challenges.

Declarations of Blessings Prayers for Grandfather

You can declare blessings into your grandfather’s month. March will be much sweeter for your grandfather, with great prayers backing him up every step of the way. Here are some prayers and blessings you can declare in his life.

  • Prayer for Glad Tidings

May March be an unending series of good news for you. May your ears never hear any evil report, your mouth never tells evil report, and your eyes never see evil. Every detail of news that you will receive in March is a report that is worth celebrating. Cheers to great celebrations this March.

  • A New Season Prayer

Others may see March as another calendar month, but for you, it is the beginning of one of your best seasons yet. Everything in your life becomes brand new. I pray that as this season begins, it will continue to be beautiful all through the way for you. Amen.

Declaration New Month Prayer to Send Your Grandfather in March

  • Prayer for Possibility

From this month onwards, in every area of your life that is proving difficult and impossible, the Lord will turn into a possibility. Nothing shall be impossible for you to achieve. The things that men say no to, God will approve for you. Amen. Happy new month to you

  • Prayer for Prosperity

The Lord prospers all that you do this month and bless your hands. Everything you touch in March shall prosper. In your hands things will multiply,  money will meet money in your heart. Amen. Happy new month to you.

  • Prayer for Unlimited Source

In March, I pray that you draw from the well that never runs dry. I pray that you are connected to the divine source, the unlimited source that never gets tired of providing you with resources. Welcome to March, grandfather.


In summary, praying for your grandfather should no longer feel abstract. Sending him a prayer from a place of love and a little inspiration from us is enough to melt your way into your grandfather’s house.


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