15 Happy New Month Prayer to Send Your Girlfriend in March

If you need help on prayers you would love to send to your girlfriend this March, we are just the help you need. Our page contains the Happy New Month prayer for your girlfriend this March.

15 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Girlfriend in March

There is no need to browse for the proper prayer for your girlfriend all day. We have your back on that one. We have prayers that can inspire you to send a prayer from your heart and prayers you can send to her directly. You are free to check them out.

Declarations of Blessings for her Career and Personal Growth

Growth is everything a person desires, from physical growth to financial growth. It takes so many inputs to achieve that dream growth. Prayer is one key input. This March, you can help your girl achieve her dream of growing herself and her career through the prayers you send her.

We are available to help you with prayers such as that.

  • Prayer for Fulfilment

May you experience all levels of fulfilment in March. All your goals and targets you have set for yourself in March will never be unaccomplished. You are set to fulfil yourself in your career this March. I wish you all the best in March. Amen.

  • Prayer for Flourishment

Just like the tree planted by the riverside, may you flourish and yield fruits this March. May the fruits that come out of you this March be great, and may they yield more fruit. I declare that you will never be barren career-wise and life-wise. Amen. Happy new month to you.

  • Prayer for Excellence

I pray that you will never be found lacking in March. Areas that pertain to you will be met with excellence. I pray that you adopt the spirit to excel. Amen.

  • Prayer for Upgrade

May the God that lifts men from nothing to something visit you in March. May he raise you above your level and place you in a place of more excellent value and great importance. God bless you, babe. Happy new month to you.

  • Prayer for Accomplishment

To all the things you have never accomplished and wish to, by the grace of God upon your life this March, you will achieve those things and even greater things shall you accomplish in March. Amen. A very happy new month to you.

Declaration New Month Prayer to Send Your Girlfriend in March

  • Prayer for Reassurance

God’s Spirit will supply the reassurance you need to live a whole life in March. I pray that your entire life experiences a waving shock of new hope that sets you on the path of success. Amen. Happy new month to you.

  • Prayer for Capacity

Whatever you set your heart to do in March, the Holy Spirit will supply you with the capacity to bring that thought into achievement. Welcome to a fantastic month of March.

  • Prayer for Faithfulness

The grace to keep you faithful to a course or a vision will be supplied to you this month. May you never find yourself in a situation where you feel the urge to give up. Amen. Happy new month to you, baby girl.

  • Prayer for Strategic Ideas

To my most remarkable girl, I usher you to a brand new month. This month, ideas come to you quickly. The idea is to make wealth and create opportunities for others around. Amen. Happy new month to you, dear.

  • Prayer for Great Exploitation

In this month, may you partake in wonderful exploitations. As you go about your career, I pray that you will exploit the wonders of the Earth. May the Lord expose to you the deep treasures of the Earth’s secret places for your advantage. Amen. Have a wonderful month’s experience.

Prayers to Help her in her Faith

Many people think that faith is a personal race, but we are not of that opinion. It takes a friend moving in the same direction not to lose your way. You can be that person to your girlfriend. There are so many ways to push her in her Faith.

One such way is prayer. Pray for her Faith. Pray, most especially, for the growth of her faith this March. Here are such prayers for the development of your girlfriend’s faith. This is among the New Month Prayer to Send Your Girlfriend in March.

  • Prayer of Commitment to God’s Work

A happy new month to you, my darling. I pray that as you continue to serve God, you do it with total commitment to him. May every work you do centre around God. May he see you all through your journey of service for him. Amen.

  • Prayer for Compassion

This new month, I pray that your heart be filled with the compassion to love God and his people. And that may your service towards the people of God revolve around the love of God. Happy new month to you.

Faith New Month Prayer to Send Your Girlfriend in March

  • Prayers for Edification

May the spirit of God that edifies men dwell in you to edify your soul so that it conforms not to the fashion of men but that of the spirit. In you, may the world see Christ and follow him through you. Amen. God bless you richly and deeply this month. Amen.

  • Prayer for Fresh Anointing

I pray for the fresh breath of anointing upon your head this month. May the heavens open up on your behalf and rain a heavy release of the supernatural on you. Happy new month, dearest.

  • Prayer for Sanctification

All through March, may the blood of Jesus Christ cleanse and sanctify you. May Christ abide in you to purify your heart always and keep your motive and intentions pure as you serve him and worship him. Amen. Happy new month to you.


To wrap up, it is essential to know that sending a prayer does not just make your girlfriend’s life move in the right direction; it is a means of encouragement. The wording of the prayers inspires and motivates the person you are sending it to.


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