15 Happy New Month Prayer to Send Your Fiance in March

Prayer for a loved one is a gift. A heartfelt gift. It is more of a spiritual gift leading to supernatural miracles manifested physically. You can make your fiancé’s month special by sending him a new month message this March. Here is the Happy New Month Prayer to Send Your Fiance in March.

15 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Fiance in March

There are various prayers to choose from in this article to send to your fiance this March. These prayers can bless you and the people connected to him. If you do not have a prayer to send to your fiance, we will gladly help you with ours.

Prayer for Wisdom Applicable in the Financial Areas of His Life

It is one thing to make money. It is another to spend money. Also, it takes sufficient wisdom to create wealth that stays and grows. The prayers below are for applicable wisdom in his financial decisions and other areas.

  • Prayer for Contentment

Hey, my love, welcome to March. I pray that the Lord will fill your heart with the spirit of contentment this March. I pray that you won’t make financial decisions out of greed. May he give you the ability to live life according to your capacity? Amen. Happy new month to you.

  • Prayer for Generosity

May you be free from greed this March. May your pockets be filled with money so you can help the needy around you. I pray that the Lord gives you a generous heart this March to give even from the little that you have, and may God reward you richly. Amen.

  • Prayer for Integrity

This March, may your name be mentioned in rooms where they are looking for trustworthy people. I pray that the Lord will bless you with an honest heart. Hold onto that given to you and return it without defaming your character. Amen. Happy new month to you, honey.

Happy New Month Prayer for Wisdom to Send Your Fiance in March

  • Prayer for Wisdom to Overcome Debt

I pray for you this month that the wisdom of God fills your heart. I pray that the Lord’s wisdom in you will guide you to free yourself from every tangle of debt you are intertwined in. Amen. You are welcome to March, a glorious month for you.

  • Prayer for Wisdom to Maximize Opportunities

Happy new month to you, my sweetheart. I pray this month that your mind will be open to secrets to maximise every opportunity that comes your way this March. The knowledge of how to make wealth from opportunities and disappointments will be revealed to you this March, and you may be in the right state of mind to maximize it. Amen.

Prayers for Directions and Guidance

As a believer, it will be impossible for him to navigate through March successfully and fully without God. He needs God to guide him through every step, even in his decisions. You can help him invite God to his life this March by sending him any of these written prayers below.

  • Prayer for Discernment

My dear future husband to be, the love of your life says a happy new month to you. I pray this prayer for you on this day. May this prayer run with you throughout March. May the Lord bestow upon you the gift of discernment. Also, may he impart the ability to discern the right way through March? Amen.

  • Prayer for Courage for a Successful Month

My dear fiance, this month, even as you navigate through life trying to be on the right track and hitting all your targets for March, it is my most sincere prayer that your heart is blessed with the gift of courage and boldness. May it not be heart that you scared yourself out of a successful journey in the end. Amen. Happy new month to you, my love.

  • Prayer for the Blessings of Pathfinders

We need people to get to our destinations in life. I pray for you that you will reach that desired destination you want to reach this month in your career and your life at large. May the Lord bring you pathfinders and friends who will lead you to your dream destination. A happy new month to you, my love.

Happy New Month Prayer for Direction to Send Your Fiance in March

  • Prayer for Light to Scale Through March

In a world of impending danger full of evil and terrible people, I pray that the Lord will be the light you need to make a difference. May he be your light in the darker days in March. May he be the light that will make you scale through March unscathed?

Also, may he be the light that will lead you to your glorious victory? Amen to this prayer on your behalf and a happy new month, my darling.

  • Prayer for Obedience to Instructions from God

This month, it is my prayer today that your heart will yield to every instruction from God. May every stubborn bone in your heart melt towards the instructions of the Father. And as you obey him, may he reward you openly. Amen. I wish you a most beautiful experience in March.

Prayers for a Healthy Lifestyle and Relationships  for Him this March

Instead of complaining about the friendship he keeps and seeing him do nothing to heed your complaints or advice, the most effective action to take is prayer. Through prayers, God can shape his friends in March, bring him new ones that align with his purpose, and also care passionately for his health, which worries you.

You may not know what to pray for, but we can help you. These prayers should be helpful to you.

  • Prayer for the Gift of Friends

Welcome to March, honey. I pray that you meet with the most wonderful people in March. Even your past relationships with others will blossom into something blissful. May the Lord increase the bonds you share with your closest friends, and I pray for an alignment between your spirits. You are blessed this month and beyond. Amen.

  • Prayer for Peace in his Relationships

This month I pray that the Lord people rest in your relationships including ours. Every impending storm awaiting you to cause your relationships to sink shall remain calm forever. I decree peace in your friendships. Also,  decree peace in your relationship with your colleagues. I decree peace in your family. And I decree peace between us. Amen. Happy new month to you.

  • Prayers for him to be a  Source of Inspiration

May you be the inspiration that the hopeless around you need. Also, may you be the motivation to keep people working hard. May you be the light that lights up a thousand faces with beautiful smiles. Also, may you be the fire that burns down bridges so people can cut ties with negative energy. I pray for you to be in March for all these. Welcome to March, honey.

Happy New Month Prayer for Health to Send Your Fiance in March

  • Prayer for Protection from Harmed Men

Watching you go on work trips in places that are strange to you is always scary. This month I pray that even as you travel to expand your horizons may God keep his protective wings around you to shield you from evil men and dangers of the day and night. Amen. A happy new month to you.

  • Prayer for Deliverance from Long Suffering

I declare that March marks your victory over long-suffering in your life. Every health issue you have suffered won’t find an entrance to March. May you enjoy the month of March in peace and harmony, and joy. Happy new month to you, my love.


In conclusion, as children of God in a God-fearing relationship, it should never be an option to invite God into the life of your fiance’s month. Instead, it should be the only option you have got. Through these prayers your fiance can live an extraordinary life triumphing his challenges in March.


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