13 Happy New Month Prayer to Send to Your Father in April 2023

In this write-up, you’ll get to see prayer points you can send to your father in this new month of April. After all, prayer is the key, it is best to start a new month with a prayer to get the best out of the month.

13 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Father in April 2023

Happy New Month Prayer to Send to Your Father in April

1. Gifts

I pray concerning you that, in this new month, you will begin to receive gifts and great things from God and from man. And, let those gifts be beneficial to your growth as a person. Happy new month.

2. New beginnings

Every chain holding you back in the past and keeping you from greatness is now broken. From now on, as you go through this new month, it is a new beginning, the past will no longer hold you back

3. Prayer of Restoration in the Life of your Father in the New Month of April

During the last month or at any time in the past, by God’s grace let everything you’ve lost be restored. And, despite the reason, whether carelessness or it being stolen, let it now be restored.

4. Victory

Hence, I pray that God will fight your battles for you. Hence, victory will be constant in your life. So, go out and claim your victory.

5. Success

In this new month, you will experience success after success after success. You will enjoy a never-ending stream of success. In addition, as you succeed, you will carry those around you along.

6. Love is another New Month Prayer for your Father in April

In this new month, the grace to love will fall into your heart, you will love those around you. And, as you love others, others will love you. Happy new month.

7. Daily Bread

The Lord will provide you with your daily needs and even more. For instance, money, food, and even more he will take care of them all. Moreover, as he provides for you, you will give to others. Happy new month.

8. Word of God

I pray that in this new month, the word of God will fill your heart. Also, as you study the word of God, great things will happen in your life, greater things than before. Also, the word will become a weapon in your hand.

9. Guidance is Among the Prayer Points for your Father in the New Month of April

Guidance is your portion as you go into the new month. In all your decisions, God will take the wheel and open your eyes to the best possible path.

10. Answers

Hence, I pray that you experience answered prayers in this new month, no longer will you pray without answer. Furthermore, you will hear what God wants you to pray for or about.

11. Purpose

The ability to discover your purpose, this month receive it. You will not just exist or live a purposeless life. Rather, you will live a life of purpose, one with direction.

12. Peace is a good Prayer for your Father in the New Month of April

Peace is your portion going forward. Going forward, your days, weeks, months and years will be peaceful. Furthermore, your family will benefit. Happy new month.

13. Prayer to finish well

You will finish your race well. You will not fall during the race or get tired halfway, you will finish it excellently. Also, you will gracefully carry others along with you.


In conclusion, prayer is the master key, able to open any door. So, as you pray, doors begin to open. We hope our article was an eye-opener and your prayers will be answered.

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