27 Happy New Month Prayer to Send Your Twins in March

Do you need new month prayer ideas to send to twins this March? Great then. We have new month prayers in this article. You can send them to your favourite twins.

27 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Twins in March

Prayer is not about getting the correct vocabulary but the right words to pray with. Your prayers might just be the magic the twins need this March.

9 Happy New Month Prayer to Send Your Male Twins in March

These are some of the nice prayers you can send to any male twins you know.

  • Prayer to Reign

To my favourite twins, I pray that in March, you reign and exercise dominion in Christ. May you subdue the Earth to your command. In your battles, I pray you to reign over your enemies and exercise victory over them. Amen. Happy new month to you.

  • Prayer for Divine Intervention

In this month, may the armies of angels intercede on your behalf. May God intervene in that battle you consider lost. May he sweep the enemies off their balance. Welcome to March, twins.

  • Prayer for Repositioning

I pray to you both that this March will be the month where you find yourselves in better places. May the Lord take you from every place you are being undervalued and position you both in areas where men feel your impact and importance. Happy new month to you both.

  • Prayer for Revelation

Happy new month to you both. I pray this new month, God will reveal himself unto you so that you both may know him afresh to develop a stronger relationship with him. May the revelations of God this March open you both to new beginnings. Amen.

  • Prayer to Cut-Off Evil Traps

Every trap waiting patiently for you this March will be cut off. I pray and decree on behalf of you both that you won’t fall prey to predators. May you escape every wicked trap set before you. The Lord be with you both this March. Happy new month to you guys.

More New Month Prayers to Send Your Male Twins in March

  • Prayer for a Strong Tower

The Lord God be your tower this March. May he be your shelter and may he be your safe place. May the name of our Lord Jesus Christ keep you safe from danger and may the name be your sanctuary in the days of need. Amen. Happy new month

  • Prayer for Courage

Welcome, guys, to another fresh month. The boldness you need to make this month a success will come. May every bone in your body be filled with confidence. Confidence to do great and marvellous works. God bless you both richly in March. Amen. Happy new month.

  • Prayer for Reconciliation

Dear twins, I wish you both the best that March has to be over. It is my prayer that you two will be engulfed with the spirit of reconciliation this March. The people you need to make peace with, may you find the courage to do so. May you find the strength to reconcile with yourself as well. Happy new month to you both.

  • Prayer to Recover Lost Glory

Wherever it is in your life that you may have lost the glory attached to that area, I pray for divine recovery. I declare that nothing is missed in your life. If it is in your health, you shall be able to recover. And if it is in your assets, there shall be a recovery. Happy new month, twins.

9 New Month Prayer to Send Your Female Twins in March

Here are nine awesome prayers for female twins to send this March.

  • Prayer for Divine Partnership

May the heavens back you girls up in everything you set your heart to do this March. I pray for divine involvement and divine partnership in your life this March. Happy new month to you all.

  • Prayer to Break Chains

Every chain of bondage that is holding you girls captive is broken from this moment. The Lord sets you free. God bless you both this new month. Amen. Happy new month.

  • Prayers for Greater Outcomes

Welcome, girls, to your month of little efforts and more significant results. The work people put in to achieve things won’t be the same as your work to achieve more significant results. March will be a soft month for you. Happy new month to you.

  • Prayer for Faith

Happy new month, baby girls. I declare faith over your life and not fear. This month, the faith that casts out fear in every way shall be your portion. Welcome to March, girls.

  • Prayer for Divine Immunity

As you step into March, I pray that you have divine immunity. Immunity to negative energy and immunity to that eliminates dullness of the mind. The Lord keep you both this March. Amen. Happy new month.

More New Month Prayers to Send Your Female Twins

  • Prayer for Grace

The grace of God to hold onto your faith during times of mighty storm shall be the grave that will rest on you this March. May you also experience the grace that moves men from nothing to something. Amen. Happy new month to you.

  • Prayer for Advantages

May you always be at an advantage. Because of you, people will enjoy certain privileges. May your light shine before men so that you may benefit from their goodness. Amen. Happy new month.

  • Prayer for Healing

Today, I bless God for your lives. I pray also that this month, you will experience healing like never before. Your minds will be healed. Your hearts will be healed. And most importantly, your body will be healed. Amen. Happy new month to you.

  • Prayer for Rest

I pray that you learn to rest in God this March. In all that concerns you, may you rest comfortably in him. Rest in God during the trying times, and rest in him during the victory days. God bless you wonderfully in March. Amen. Happy new month.

New Month Prayer to Send Your Male & Female Twins in March

Check out these amazing prayers to bless the month of the twins in your life.

  • Prayer for Commitment

I pray that you two will stay committed towards each other in March. May the bond that holds you two together keep you committed to each other through March and beyond. Happy new month to you.

  • Prayer for Open Rooms

Welcome to March, my favourite twins. May the Lord open both doors to rooms of abundant blessings and miracles. Amen. Happy new month to you.

  • Prayers for Financial Channels

As you step into March, you will also step into different channels that make wealth. The Lord will make a clear path for you to create wealth and to make it in abundance. Amen. Happy new month to you.

  • Prayer for Support

This new month, your life shall know what it means to have support. The support you need this month to make it a success will come your way. I pray for financial support for you. I pray for people’s support system for you. May you never know an island day in March. Amen. Happy new month to you.

More New Month Prayers to Send Your Male & Female Twins

  • Prayer for Strength

I pray you will never be weary of finishing anything you start in March. The Lord will give you the strength to start and the strength to finish up as well. Happy new month to you.

  • Prayer for Magnification

It is my prayer that the Lord doubles your efforts so that it yields maximum results. May the Lord magnify you amongst men and enlarge your coast this March. Amen. Happy new month.

  • Prayer for Divine Multiplication

The Lord will cause an increase amongst you and among your people. May he bless tote fields with double portions and multiply whatever he shall find in your hands that is good. Happy new month to you, dear.

  • Prayer for the Spirit of Discernment

Happy new month to you. I pray that the Lord gives you the grace of discernment so that you can discriminate good from evil. May the spirit of discernment help you perceive all that is good for the soul this March. Amen.

  • Prayer for Peace

May the Lord impact your heart and bring you peace this March. I declare that peace is in your heart. Peace be in your mind. Peace be in your environment. Also, peace be in your storms. Amen. Happy new month to you.


Overall, a new month welcome message should have at a prayer attached to it. The prayers above are available to send to any twins you know.


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