Happy New Month Messages & Prayers for Your Son or Daughter (Child)

It is a new month and with new months, comes a variety of wishes from different people. As parents, you would want to give the best Happy New Month Messages for Your Son Or Daughter.  Just as you will be wishing others a happy new month, so you would want to wish your son or daughter as well.

Happy New Month Messages for Your Son Or Daughter

You would want to make them feel loved, happy, and blessed in this new month and so we have come up with the best Happy New Month Messages for Your Son Or Daughter.

As a parent, I am sure you would want your children to feel the joy that comes with a new month, and one such way of feeling that joy is by sending them beautiful happy new month messages. Your son or daughter would love to hear heartfelt happy new month messages from you and that is the reason why we have come up with the best for you.

Happy New Month Messages for Your Son or Daughter

There is no greater joy for a parent than to see their children happy, especially if they are the reason for that happiness. If you are searching for happy new month messages that will make your children excited and pleased, the following will definitely suit your curiosity:

  1. I pray that this new month will give you every reason to smile, you will overcome every challenge that comes your way, Happy new month, my dearest son.

  2. The sky will be your starting point, you will excel above your contemporaries. This month will be the beginning of a celebration in your life. Happy new month, my child.

  3. You shall be identified with unmerited favour in this new month, grace shall be your companion and your achievements shall be innumerable. Happy new month, my beautiful daughter.

  4. May this new month bring you one step closer to achieving all the dreams you thought were impossible to achieve and may it take you one thousand miles away from negativity. Happy new month, my dear child.

  5. May you walk in line with God’s plan for you in this new month, I pray that you will never miss God’s voice and calling this month. happy new month.

  6. With new months, comes new things. I pray that every new thing you receive this month will only bring you gladness, joy, and unquenchable laughter in Jesus’ name. Happy new month.

  7. A happy new month to you, my child. Did I mention that you are the best thing that has happened to me all my life? Your laughter makes my heart leap in joy and your smile gives me hope for the rest of the day.

  8. Happy new month, my lovely daughter. I pray that those things you cried about will come true. This new month, opportunities will come your way from every direction, every way you turn will be an avenue of open doors for you.

  9. May the enemies that compass you be scattered in Jesus’ name, Amen. This new month will be a reason people will look at you and celebrate God’s goodness in your life. Happy new month, my son.

  10. As the sun shines every morning, so will your star shine every day of this month. the stars are innumerable, your blessings will be innumerable and others will look at you as a shining example. Happy new month.

  11. I wish that your needs will be supplied and that every step you take in this new month will be ordered by the Almighty. Happy new month, my handsome son.

  12. A son keeps the name of a family forever, with this in mind I pray that whatsoever path you tread this month shall work for your favour, and the works of your hands shall prosper. Happy new month.

  13. Every smile that touches your lips this month will last till the end of time. The only tears you will shed will be tears of joy and good news. Happy new month.

  14. God has your benefits at heart and that is why he has brought you this far. Relax, sit back, and watch how God will work things in your favour. A happy new month and stay blessed, my darling daughter.

  15. Every problem that you will encounter this month will come with a solution. You will not lose resources looking for the solution to a problem in Jesus’ Name, Amen. Happy new month, my child.

  16. Today I wish you the best of all that life has to offer, you will know no lack. Your nature shall be blissful for the remainder of the month. happy new month.

  17. Through a daughter, another family gets to explore the beauty of a family. You are my precious pearl, my jewel, and my pride. I pray that God will keep you and make you better at everything you do. Happy new month, my beloved daughter.

  18. I have always admired a girl child, and the day you came into my life, all my dreams came true. I will never trade you for a million boys, you are the treasure that fills my heart. Happy new month, daughter.

  19. I pray to the Almighty God that you will flourish in all that you do in this new month. you shall be called excellent, talented, and blessed. You are a child of grace and you will remain so. Happy new month.

  20. May this new month be a turning point in your life. God will change your story for good and he will uplift you. At your breaking point, a reason will always emerge to make you strong again. Happy new month, my amazing child.

Also, note that children desire all the love and support that parents could give them and on special occasions like new months, they expect their parents to shower them with unending prayers and good wishes.

Lastly, if you are one of those loving parents who pray and send short messages to your children every new month, then you can pick from this list and see the big smiles that will cover your children’s faces after reading them.

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