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Have you been looking forward to the Group on Earth Observations Individual Excellence Awards 2020?  If you have then you should be ready because nominations are open for the award. This yearly award is offered to individuals in the GEO community who have shown their special personal commitment to the GEO vision and mission.

About the Group on Earth Observations Individual Excellence Awards 2020

The Group on Earth Observations Individual Excellence Awards is looking for people who have proven to be remarkable individuals with and occupation that creating enough impact towards the development of our planet through Earth observations (EO). Some examples of outstanding accomplishment would include: being active in generating sufficient energy within a community that has directed to substantial progress or achieve collaborations; overcoming administrative, political, institutional or structural barriers to create better goals for a community; mentoring or engaging youth; progressing a diverse and inclusive GEO.

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  • Gain recognition during annual GEO week
  • Recognition certification
  • Profile featured in the GEO social media channels and GEO website


  • Any GEO community member stands the chance to nominate an individual for the awards
  • Individuals who are involved in the GEO work programme actively currently or previous contributors who have had no conflict of interest may be nominated.

Selection Criteria

the recognition accomplishment is expected to have been done or have occurred in the 2015 period. Three individuals would be awarded in 2020.

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The following criteria would be used in the selection criteria to choose the finalists:

  • Accomplishment displayed by a big effect, which includes a new sustained community organized; EO-related debates or taken up language and sustained in new opportunities; youth Partaking in EO-related initiatives; determinedly employed on tasks that would take place daily to ensure progress by a community/Flagship/Initiative.
  • Nominee’s actions are consistent with GEO’s fundamental values
  • Innovation in methods or steps towards handling situations

Guidelines for Nominations

  • The nomination is carried out via the nomination form. You access the nomination form via this link.
  • The main element of the nomination is a 2-page maximum write-up with information’s concerning why the candidates deserve the award, the nominee’s importance and effort described due to the impact observed, and a brief CV of the nominated candidate. The nomination is required to contain as many selection criteria as possible, as substantively as possible.
  • The primary sponsor of the nomination should gain guaranteed support from at least two additional co-sponsors. These sponsors may be contacted by the award committee as of the time of the preview to seek clarification and other required auxiliary details concerning the nomination.
  • In other to increase diversity in the group of GEO awardees, we encourage sponsors to look into gender, geographical and cultural representation when nominating candidates for individual excellence,
  • Nominations for GEO awards are renewed automatically for the subsequent year. All nominees who were not selected can be re-nominated in the second round.
  • All nominations are expected to be submitted via an electronic method to

Application Deadline

August 31, 2020.

For more details concerning the Group on Earth Observations, Individual Excellence Awards 2020 follow this link.

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