GOtv Smallie Package Channel List and Subscription Price in Nigeria 2021

Since the introduction of GOtv in Nigeria, it has been one of the best African television so far, also they have been providing a cheap and amazing package to the users. Another one of these packages includes the GOtv smallie package. The same company that owns DStv also owned GOtv which is the Multichoice and the decoder is affordable. Another frequently asked question is what is the GOtv Smallie Package Channel List and Price in Nigeria.

GOtv Smallie Package Channel List and Subscription Price in Nigeria 2021

The GOtv smallie package also offers three payment options with over 25 channels and it is also affordable. This content will tell al you need to know about the GOtv Smallie Package channel list and price in Nigeria, and all you will need to know, how to pay for the Smallie package and all you will need to know.

What You Need to Know About GOtv Smallie Package

GOtv Smallie package was used to replace GOtv Lite and the package consists of a lot of features and is one of the most affordable packages offered by GOtv.  The package also has over 25 channels and one of the channels includes ONMAX.

It is also just like the GOtv Lite but with much better features, so it is one of the best packages introduced by GOtv. GOtv is also one of the largest PayTV in African and since it was introduced in Nigeria have been one the best African television and also one of the most affordable decoders in Nigeria with a lot of packages.

GOtv Smallie Package Channel List in Nigeria

The GOtv Smallie Package channel list and price in Nigeria will be given below and unlike the GOtv Lite which have just 25 channels, the GOtv Smallie package has over 30 channels, and the channels include

  • NTA 2
  • Lagos TV
  • Dove TV
  • BCOS
  • Emmanuel TV
  • NTA News 24
  • Arewa 24
  • TVC News
  • TVC Entertainment
  • NTA International
  • RSTV
  • Jim Jam
  • SuperSport Blitz
  • Naija FM
  • Islam Channel
  • Liberty TV
  • AIT
  • Al Jazeera
  • NTA Parliament
  • WAP TV
  • ITV Benin
  • Trybe tv
  • OGTV
  • Wazobia TV
  • AFRO Music English
  • EBS TV
  • Faith
  • Silverbird
  • Channels

GOtv Smallie Package Price in Nigeria

Now back to the question what is the price for the GOtv smallie package, the price not that that much as the package contains a lot of channels. Unlike the GOtv lite package which was N400 this package is Just N800 monthly package as it contains a lot more channels and features and it is also very cheap to afford.

There is also room to make a subscription for a year and also a quarter of a year at a low cost. Once you are done with the subscription you can view the channels included on the package throughout the subscription without any further payment. The price for the GOtv Smallie Annual Package is N6,200, while that for the GOtv Smallie Quarterly is Just N2,100, very cheap and affordable.

How to Pay for the GOtv Smile Package

If you are confused about how to pay for GOtv Smile Package, all you just have to do is to pay by internet banking, or by using and follow the methods there, you can also a bank mobile app to make the payment.

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