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It’s not that easy at a period like this. We’re all checking out things to do on the upcoming Valentine’s Day—activities like going to the restaurant, to the beach, and lots more. There are lots of exciting things to do on that very day. But checking out some good Valentine’s Day movies on YouTube to watch this year, 2024, will be awesome.

5 Good Valentine's Day Movies on YouTube to Watch 2022

You just have to select a romantic movie that will be a perfect match for you and your girlfriend. Love appears in different sorts, be it heartbreaking, Romance, comedy, infatuation, self-love, and all that. The movies on YouTube reflect them all.

5 Good Movies About Valentine’s Day on YouTube to Watch This Year 2024

So much love is around when you and your girlfriend are laid up in the bed together, rolling on each other. You can dive into the bed without having to do something. If You and Your loved one use this Year 2024 Valentine’s Day to watch some good movies on YouTube, the feeling will be worth it for You two.

  1. If Beale Street Could Talk
  2. The Half of it
  3. She’s got to Have it
  4. Palm Springs
  5. Love Simon

1. If Beale Street Could Talk

Well, this movie is based on a 1974 novel having the same name written by James Baldwin. It narrates the story of two childhood friends. Tish and Fonny who has known each other since childhood grew up to be lovers, become couples, and now a parent.

However, along the line, Fonny got arrested for a crime. Now, he has to go through difficult challenges proving his innocence.

2. The Half of it

Half of it is a modern-day Rom-Com that tells of Ellie Chu, who writes love letters to crush on her friend’s behalf. Later, she develops a love for this same person. What a triangle of love. How will she get through this? The self-acceptance, distrust, and lots more. It’s quite some fun and good Valentine’s Day movies on YouTube to watch this year, 2024.

3. She’s Gotta Have It (One of the Best Valentine’s Day Movies on YouTube to Watch this Year)

Have you been in a situation where you are in love with more than one person? This movie tells of a young woman who is in love with three men. To a great shock, she refuses to stay straight with just one man.

Now, how is she going to live this sort of life? How would I know? Rest on your couch with your girl watch this valentine’s day movie with your girl and find out for real.

4. Palm Springs

So many echoes of love for this wonderful movie. It describes a story about someone who is tied up in a loop of love. If you are in love with love time-loop movies, don’t miss out on this. However, another joins in the same loop with him. What an adventure! They are trying their best to escape an unfortunate wedding day in a loop. I wonder where it all ends.

5. Love Simon

The movie is about a high school student named Simon who struggles to reveal the secret of his sexuality. However, he falls in love with someone online but finds it hard to tell his peers. It is a Rom-Com, having so much laughter as well as lots of love.

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