13 Good Thanksgiving Movies to Watch on Netflix in 2021 | No. 10’s Top Notch

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and there is no better way to enjoy Thanksgiving with family than to watch movies on Netflix. Yeah, when it comes to movies there is no platform that offers better quality than Netflix.

13 Good Thanksgiving 2021 Movies to Watch on Netflix

After the whole Thanksgiving shenanigans, it is always important for you to relax with your family with very good movies. And so I have taken the pain to list for you 13 Netflix Movies to Watch on Thanksgiving day.

Why do You Need to Watch Good Thanksgiving Movies on Netflix?

It is not a good Thanksgiving celebration after you and your family have done all the Thanksgiving activities and shill with good movies. There is always a lot of family time to kill after or Thanksgiving activities which is good for movies. Netflix is always the one to the rescue if you are looking to spend the remaining hours of Thanksgiving Day.

When using Netflix you will come across lots of good movies. Be that as it may, You can easily find something the whole family can agree on. In fact in this case you will find 13 different movies the whole family will agree to watch and enjoy.

Good Thanksgiving Movies on Netflix

There are basically endless movies on the Netflix platform that can be good for Thanksgiving. However, because you will not have the time on Thanksgiving Day to skip through thousands of movies we have made it easy for you. So below is the list of 13 Movies to Watch on Thanksgiving.

13 of the Best Family Thanksgiving Movies to Watch on Netflix

The list below contains the 2021 fan favourites and Family Thanksgiving Movies on Netflix with high views for You to select from and watch. Below are the movies to watch on thanksgiving with Your family:

  1. Waffles + Mochi’s Holiday Feast

  2. Holidate

  3. Free Birds

  4. Friendsgiving

  5. Best Leftovers Ever (2020)

  6. Holiday Rush (2019)

  7. The BFG: Big Friendly Giant

  8. Anne With an E (2019)

  9. Master of None (Season 2, Episode 8: “Thanksgiving”)

  10. The Nut Job

  11. The Great British Baking Show: Holidays (2019)

  12. The Big Family Cooking Showdown (2017)

  13. The Holiday

Happy Thanksgiving Day 2021 Good Movies for kids on Netflix

To Spice things up we have decided to do you one favor. We are also going to be showing you some of the best Thanksgiving movies for kids. You know the kids shouldn’t be left out on Thanksgiving they are as much a part of the family as adults. So here are the 10 best Thanksgiving movies for kids:

  1. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

  2. Garfield’s Thanksgiving

  3. Addams Family Values (1993)

  4. Jim Henson’s Turkey Hollow (2015)

  5. Free Birds

  6. You’ve Got Mail

  7. The Blind Side (2009)

  8. National Treasure

  9. Home Alone

  10. and “Coco” which is no doubt a Good Thanksgiving Movie and my Favourite.

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