15 Good Movies to Watch on Apple TV Plus in September 2023 | No. 8’s Top Notch

In this article, there are good movie recommendations to watch on the streaming platform, Apple TV. These movies are a variation of genres ranging from love, Rom-com, horror, thriller, and others. Check out 15 Good Movies to Watch on Apple TV Plus in September 2023.15 Good Movies to Watch on Apple TV Plus in September 2023 | No. 8’s Top Notch

They are movies to keep you entertained all day long in the month of September and also provide good family time. With an Apple TV streaming platform, you stand a high chance of enjoying good quality movies with high HD and graphics as well as high-quality sounds.

Good Movies to Watch on Apple TV Plus in September 2023

Here is a list of good movies that you can watch on Apple TV Plus this September 2023. So, grab a popcorn and let’s go;

1. The Last Thing He Told Me 2023

Director: Olivia Newman

Cast: Jennifer Garner, Angourie Rice, Nikolaj Coaster-Waldau

Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Drama


This is a new series that aired its first episode on April 2023. The first episode is about Hannah who is a mother to a sixteen-year-old and she must do everything in her power to forget her daughter in order to look for her missing husband.

2. Foundation 2021

Director: Josh Friedman

Cast: Jared Harris, Lee Pace, Leah Harvey

Genre: Drama, Sci-fi


This is a science fiction series with many drams to unfold with each episode. It tells the story of a complex saga of human speed on planets in the entire galaxy. These humans all live under the leadership of the Galactic Empire.

3. Black Bird 2022 is One of the Good Movies to Watch on Apple TV Plus in September

Director: Dennis Lehane

Cast: Taron Egerton, Paul Walter Hauser, Ray Liotta

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama


Jimmy Keene is compelled under the circumstances of the situation surrounding his life to complete a mission. He must elicit a confession from a suspected killer named Larry Hall else he will have to face his sentence of 10 years in prison.

4. Hello Tomorrow 2023

Director: Billy Crudup, Jonathan Entwistle

Cast: Billy Crudup, Alison Pill, Nicholas Podany

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Sci-fi


Jack Billings is a salesman with so much charisma. He leads and pushes his team of fellow sales associates to revitalize their customer’s life.

5. The Big Door Prize 2023

Director: David West Read

Casts: Chris O’Dowd, Gabrielle Dennis, Josh Segarra

Genre: Comedy


What happens when a machine appears and threatens to reveal everyone’s true identity and potential in a small town? After the arrival of this machine, the residents of the small town start living lives differently like rethinking relationships, changing jobs, and questioning their beliefs and faith.

6. Severance 2022 is Among the Good Movies to Watch on Apple TV Plus in September

Director: Ben Stiller, Aoife McArdle

Casts: Adam Scott, Britt Lower, Patricia Arquette

Genre: Drama


This is a storyline of a set of workers with memories that have been separated into their work and personal lives. Soon a new worker joins them in their journey and soon exposes the truth of their jobs.

7. Causeway 2022

Director: Lila Neugebauer

Casts: Jennifer Lawrence, Brian Tyree Henry, Stephen McKinley

Genre: Drama.


When Lynsey experiences a traumatic brain injury during her tour in Afghanistan, she is forced to return home. Afterwards, she struggles to return to her daily life with her stay with her mother. She hopes for redeployment back to the U.S. Army.

8. Ghosted

Director: Dexter Fletcher

Casts: Ana de Armas, Chris Evans, Lizze Broadway

Genre: Action, Romance


Cole and Sadie fall in love unexpectedly. While Cole is oblivious to the fact that she is a spy, Sadie is swept over heels for him even though she knows she is on a mission. Soon they both find themselves in an international airport to save the world just before they can go on a second date.

9. Killers of the Flower Moon 2023 is One of the Good Movies to Watch on Apple TV Plus in September

Director: Martin Scorsese

Casts: Martin Scorsese, Leonard DiCaprio, Lily Gladstone

Genre: Drama


The FBI takes up the investigation of the murder of the members of the Osage Native American tribe of Osage country that happened in the 1920s. They meet a series of mysteries as their investigation becomes more intense.

10. Swan Song 2021

Director: Benjamin Clearly

Casts: Mahershala Ali, Naomie Harris, Awkwafina

Genre: Sci-fi, Drama


A father who does not want his family to go through the loss of him after he learns of his terminal illness is compelled to either be a carbon copy clone of himself or die according to the fate of his illness.

11. CODA 2021

Director: Sian Heder

Casts: Emilia Jones, Troy Kotsur, Marlee Matlin

Genre: Drama, Musical


Ruby soon realizes she has a passion for singing after joining a high school choir in her high school. She soon begins to love life after all the sufferings she has to encounter as the only hearing member in a family of deaf parents and siblings.

12. Sharper 2023; Good Movies to Watch on Apple TV Plus in September

Director: Benjamin Caron

Casts: Julianne Moore, Sebastian Stan, Justice Smith

Genre: Drama, Crime


A con artist uses his high tricks to take on the billionaires of Manhattan. He has to stay on his trick to avoid him being caught by the securities.

13. Tetris 2023

Director: Jon S. Baird

Casts: Taron Egerton, Sofya Lebedeva, Nikita Efremov

Genre: Drama


Tetris is a game discovered by Henk Roger in 1988. Henk must do anything in his power in order to bring the game to the masses. On this journey, he has a companion named Alexey Pajitnov who is an inventor.

14. Malignant 2021

Director: James Wan

Casts: Annabelle Wallis, Maddie Hasson, McKenna Grace

Genre: Horror, Crime


Madison is a young pregnant woman with a lovely husband and a lovely marriage. She starts seeing visions of strange murders happening and decides to find out the cause of the murders and put a stop to them. However, she becomes a victim and also a major suspect.

15. Spiral 2021 is Another Good Movies to Watch on Apple TV Plus in September

Director: Darren Lynn Bousman

Casts: Chris Rock, Marisol Nicholas, Max Minghella

Genre: Horror, Thriller


Detective Ezekiel alongside his partner who is a rookie in the job takes up an investigation into the murders that have happened before in the city’s past. These investigations will lead them to a greater evil in the city which they all taught is gone forever.


Overall, you can stream any of these movies directly from Apple TV Plus, or you can download down to watch later. Also, logging your Apple TV account on other devices is also possible.

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