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Showmax is an online subscription video that provides streaming service for movies, TV shows as well as documentaries. If you have a Showmax subscription but have no idea what to watch, this article is for you. Today’s post will give you 15 Good Movies on Showmax to Watch this 2023 October.

Watch Good Showmax October Movies; 15 Options

15 Good Movies on Showmax to Watch this 2023 October

The following are good movies to watch on Showmax this October 2023. Grab a popcorn and get ready for captivating movies;

1. Son of a Critch

The movie is based on a book with the same title and it is a real story based on the coming of age of Mark in the 1980s. The series provides opportunities for viewers to see the life of a child who is much older than his 11 years. With the use of comedy and self-deprecation, he wins friends for himself and connects with the collection of people in his limited junior world.

2. Rain Dogs

The series is a comedy-drama and it is an unconventional love story that you will enjoy. It tells the story of love between a working-class single mom, her young daughter as well as a privileged gay man.

3. American Auto; Good Movies on Showmax to Watch this October

An amazing series that shares the story of the offbeat executives and employees of a major automobile company in Detroit as they try to adjust to a rapidly shifting industry. while the new CEO Katherine Hastings has good leadership skills, it is hindered by her complete lack of knowledge about cars as well as the fact that she must steer a crew of diverse characters and opinions in an audacious new direction if they want to keep the company in line with time.

4. Chucky

When a vintage Chucky doll turns up at a suburban yard sale, a series of murders begin to take place in an idyllic American town as chaos is unleashed. These events lead to the exposure of the little secrets of the townspeople whilst the arrival of enemies and allies from Chucky’s past exposes the truth behind the killings.

5. Love to Love You, Donna Summer

A documentary that will keep you glued to your screen as the timeless singer is now streaming on Showmax. Brooklyn, Summer’s daughter co-directs this and you don’t want to miss out as the show has a lot in store for you.

6. Game of Love is One of the Good Movies on Showmax to Watch this October

In order to prepare for the sale of the family estate, Roy and Vivien travel to Roy’s childhood home. A woman from Roy’s past arrives and lines are crossed as secrets from his past force the couple to face all aspects of their relationship.

7. The Visitor

Robert and his wife move to her childhood home where he discovers an old portrait in the attic. The strange thing is that the portrait is that of a man who looks just like him and eventually, he travels down a rabbit hole to discover the true identity of his mysterious doppelganger. He discovers that every family has terrifying secrets of their own.

8. Cocaine Bear

The story unfolds as a 227kg black bear consumes a significant amount of cocaine. Overdosed by it, he embarks on a rampage through a Georgia forest where the lives of crops, criminals, tourists as well as teenagers are all endangered.

9. Honk for Jesus; Save Your Soul; Good Movies on Showmax to Watch this October

The first lady of a Southern Baptist Megachurch, Trinite Childs carries a lot of responsibilities on her shoulders. The church goes on a temporary close after a scandal involving her husband and Trinite is left to deal with the aftermath.

The only solution is for her and her spouse to rebuild their relationship as well as connect their faith back to Jesus. This is in order to rebuild their congregation and make the biggest comeback religion has ever seen.

10. Maybe I Do

Michelle and Allen invite their parents to meet each other when their relationship gets to a crossroads. However, their parents are already familiar with themselves, maybe a little too well.

11. Plane

When Pilot Brodie Torrence saves his passengers from a lightning strike by landing them on a risky worn island, he discovers that surviving the lightning is only the beginning of terror. This is because dangerous rebels take most of the passengers hostage. Now, the only person Torrence can think of saving them is an accused murderer. His name is Louis Gaspare, and he is being transported by the FBI.

12. Detective Knight: Independence is Among the Good Movies on Showmax to Watch this October

Detective Knight is given a last-minute job before Independence Day and it turns out to be a race against time to stop an unbalanced EMT worker who is posing as a cop.

13. Bootie Boer; Inside the Mind of a Monster

A documentary movie as well as a Showmax Original. It takes its viewers back to the time in 1990 when a disturbing crime occurred and how it all went down.

14. Diepe Waters

A great TV series that is surely worth your time. Give this one a chance as it promises scenes that have to do with love, secrets, intrigue as well as plans for revenge.

15. Geduld is n’Virtue; Good Movies on Showmax to Watch this October

When Buks and Nessie return from their vacation, chaos ensues between the Swanepoel and Griesel family as an illegal bet goes wrong. When Swannie Swanepoel dies because of a heart attack, the Griesels start feeling guilty.


You can watch any or all of these shows on Showmax this October. Also, you can share and have a fun TV time with your friends as well as your family.

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