15 Good Movies on PLEX to Watch this 2023 April

Plex has a lot of amazing movies that you could watch this April. On our list, we will be showing some of these, to help you find the perfect movie for yourself. We hope you find this useful.

Watch Good Plex April Movies; 15 Options

Good Movies to Watch on PLEX this April

The following are some of the interesting movies you will enjoy watching on PLEX this April. And, they include:

1. Tar Watch Where You Step

This is a movie about survival. An ancient creature in Los Angeles is awakened due to ongoing construction. And, this turns the night of Barry and his co-workers into a survival game.

2. Heat

This movie is definitely amazing. It is about an obsessive master thief by the name of Neil McCauley. He and his team of criminals perform a heist and gain mutual respect for one another.

3. L. A Confidential is One of the Interesting PLEX Movies to Watch in April

L.A. Confidential is a movie that takes place in the 1950s. Furthermore, in this movie, three individuals try to uncover the truth behind a massive shotgun slaying.

4. Detachment

Here, this takes place in a high school. A substitute teacher named Harry Barthes goes from school to school passing knowledge to his students.

5. A Man Called Ove

Despite being dropped as the president of his Condominium, Ove continues to watch over his neighborhood. Moreover, an event having to do with a mailbox causes a spiral of things to occur in his life.

6. The Boondock Saints is on the List of Good Movies to Watch on PLEX this April

Twins, Conner and Murphy are tired of the crimes going on in their city. So, they decide that they must become vigilantes and cleanse their towns. However, Paul, an FBI agent is hot on their tail.

7. Spring Breakers

In this movie, a group of teenage girls decides to rob a restaurant to fund their spring break. However, this leads to them involving themselves with a guy with a criminal agenda.

8. Train to Busan

A zombie virus leads Korea into a situation of madness. Those trapped on an express train to Busan must now fight for their survival.

9. Terrifier is on the List of Interesting Movies to Watch on Plex this April

Terrifier is a horror movie, definitely not for the easily scared. The story is about a young woman who becomes the prey of a murderous clown known as the art clown.

10. Requiem for a Dream

This movie shows the dangers of drug addiction and how it can affect those involved. Also, this movie shows the dreams of young people getting shut down due to their drug addiction getting out of control.

11. Last Shift

In this movie, Jessica, a rookie police officer gets the last shift in a condemned police station. Although, she finds out that what dwells there is the living embodiment of evil.

12. Tucker & Dale vs Evil is Among the Good Movies you can Watch on PLEX

Another great movie you should definitely consider watching on PLEX. This is the story of two individuals who people suspect of being criminals by some paranoid kids in college.

13. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Young Charlie has spent most of his life as an observer, always on the sidelines. However, on meeting two seniors, His life takes a serious turn.

14. The Host

A giant squid-like monster appears from the water after loads of toxic waste was dumped into it. This creature begins to attack all around it.

15. Glengarry Glen Ross is Also Among the Interesting Movies to Watch on PLEX in April

This is another movie that will surely leave you strapped to your seat, the tension is quite high. In this movie, real estate agents get to hear that all but two will lose their job in a week. And, this leads to a series of unexpected events.


You can always keep yourself busy during your free time by watching an interesting movie on PLEX. So, all you have to do now is to choose from the good PLEX movies above to watch this April.

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