9 Good Movies on Netflix to Watch this 2022 May | No. 1 is Top Notch

Throughout May, Netflix is blooming with some truly fantastic fresh new original films and specials. Netflix is introducing a slew of new titles this month. That will surprise you with laugh-out-loud humour, fascinate you with heart-pounding action, and much more. So, this post will bring the Good Movies on Netflix to Watch this May.

9 Good Movies on Netflix to Watch this May 2022

Netflix has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for something instructive, fun to watch on a date, or something fresh from another country.

9 Good Movies on Netflix to Watch this 2022 May

May is on its way and there are some Good Movies to Watch on Netflix that will make Your month more fun, You will get 9 here.

1. Senior Year

In this Netflix Original comedy film, a 37-year-old lady (Rebel Wilson) awakens from a 20-year coma and returns to her high school. In the hopes of recovering her popular position and realizing her dream of being prom queen.

Senior Year is directed by Alex Hardcastle and stars Wilson, Zo Chao, Sam Richardson, Mary Holland, and Angourie Rice. As you might expect, there’s plenty of fun and mayhem. So make time this month to watch Senior Year for a healthy dose of humour and emotional entertainment.

2. A Perfect Pairing

Victoria Justice plays an ambitious LA wine industry executive who travels to Australia to work as a ranch worker. In order to seduce a family-owned winery and a significant potential client into doing business with her. During her attempts, she meets a rugged and mysterious local (Adam Demos).

Who provides an oh-so-attractive distraction for our business-minded heroine. This Netflix Original romantic comedy is for you. If you’re searching for something simple, enjoyable, and escapist to watch.

3. Along for the Ride – Good Movies on Netflix to Watch This May

Prepare to be swept away by the romance. Along for the Ride follows Auden (Emma Pasarow) and the mysterious Eli (Belmont Cameli). A fellow insomniac whom she meets during the summer before departing for college, and is based on the 2009 Sarah Dessen novel of the same name.

While the beach town of Colby sleeps, the two embark on a trip to help Auden live the carefree and fun-filled teen life she never had or realized she desired. What could be sweeter than an early yet eternal taste of summer love in this romantic drama

4. Operation Mincemeat

This video is based on Ben Macintyre’s 2010 book on Britain’s World War II “Operation Mincemeat,” which was a deceitful move designed to keep the Allies’ invasion of Fortress Europe in Sicily a secret from German forces trying to stop and destroy the the them.

Operation Mincemeat is directed by John Madden and stars Colin Firth, Johnny Flynn, Jason Isaacs, Matthew Macfadyen, Kelly Macdonald, and Paul Ritter.

5. The Takedown

Ousmane (Omar Sy) and François (Laurent Lafitte) are two different types of cops. After a decade apart, the mismatched pair is compelled to reunite in order to investigate an ever-evolving new case.

What appeared to be a routine drug probe becomes a large-scale criminal case in a divided French town, where an even greater threat and conspiracy lay beneath the surface. This fun French-language short will delight fans of international film and television.

6. The Getaway King is Among the Good Movies on Netflix to Watch this 2022 May

This Polish-language action-comedy film, based on the life of renowned Polish criminal and thief Zdzisaw Najmrodzki (Dawid Ogrodnik), follows the folk-hero bandit known for escaping from the police over 29 times after having a change of their their they’re their heart about his life path after meeting a new girlfriend (Mazza Wgrocka).

Set against the backdrop of Poland’s final days of communism, The Getaway King is an electrifying movie from beginning to end, so make time this month to watch it for a refreshing (and perhaps even informative) international twist on your monthly viewing.

7. Hold Your Breath: The Ice Dive

In this Netflix Original documentary, Finnish freediver Johanna Nordblad attempts to break the world record. For distance gone beneath the ice with one breath. Hold Your Breath: The Ice Dive will be especially impressive, inspiring, and nerve-wracking for those of us who are afraid of even the idea of a polar plunge.

So get ready to feel the full spectrum of emotions while staying warm and dry when you watch this cool-as-ice new documentary on Netflix.

8. Our Father is One of the Best Good Movies on Netflix to Watch this 2022 May

This frightening real story begins with a woman’s at-home DNA test revealing the existence of several half-siblings from all over the world and swiftly escalates to reveal a stunning and unnerving conspiracy involving a well-known and renowned reproductive doctor.

A real-life horror thriller begins when the doctor is discovered to have violated his patients’ trust and bodies. By replacing their donor sperm with his own. Our Father is the film for you if you want to spice up your month with a jaw-dropping and, quite honestly, harrowing true story.

9. Christina P: Mom Genes

Mother’s Day isn’t complete without a good pair of mom jeans. Or, of course, showing your mother the respect, love, and gratitude she deserves. When you combine all of those factors, you get Christina P: Mom Genes. A Netflix Original premieres on Mother’s Day and stars Canadian-American comic Christina Pazsitzky.

As she chronicles her own experiences with parenting, marriage, and everything in between. As well as that, This delightful and relatable program from Christina P will make you and your mother laugh. So set it aside to watch on Mother’s Day and after!

Watch this compiled explained list of good movies to watch this May 2022 given above to help have fun this May.

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