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HBO Max has come gain with lots of interesting, exciting, and good movies for this season of Halloween for you to watch. These movies aim to create the perfect kind of leisure and entertainment required for this particular holiday.

Watch Good HBO Max Halloween Movies; 15 Options

We are committed to making sure that you have the best movies available on HBO Max this holiday which is why we have created a list of some of the amazing movies to watch this holiday.

15 Good Movies on HBO Max to Watch this 2023 Halloween

Here is a list of some of the most amazing titles available on HBO Max this Halloween, you will definitely love them.

1. 3 Godfathers is on The List of Good Movies To Watch on HBO Max this Halloween

Robert, William, and Pedro, three fugitive bank robbers, stand by a grave in the desert. Any hope of escape will be ruined by caring for the newborn child of the woman they just buried. However, they are not going to break their vow to her. They won’t leave young Robert William Pedro behind.

2. The Amazing Panda Adventure

A young American kid visiting China assists his scientist father in rescuing a panda cub from unscrupulous poachers at a time when the reserve is under threat of closing due to incompetent authorities.

3. One of the Good Movies to Watch on HBO Max this Halloween is The Badlands

A young couple kills the girl’s father and flees. The couple begins a murderous rampage as the bounty hunters close in on them as they attempt to travel to the Montana Badlands.

4. Beetlejuice

The ghosts of a deceased couple engage a nasty spirit to drive out the unwelcome family that has moved into their house because they are harassing them.

5. The Benchwarmers 

A trio of guys create a three-player baseball team to compete against typical Little League teams for young children in an effort to make up for lost chances from their youth. One of the good movies to watch on HBO Max this Halloween.

6. The Control Room

In The Control Room, Gabe, the emergency call handler, is featured. Gabe receives an urgent life-or-death phone call from a woman who claims to know him in the middle of a shift. Gabe faces his own problematic background as he feels pressed to identify the woman and makes a choice that will have major repercussions.

7. The Curse of Frankenstein is One of the Good Movies To Watch on HBO Max this Halloween

Baron Victor Frankenstein relates the tale of a creature he created and brought to life, only for it to behave differently than he had intended while he is on death row for murder.

8. Father Figures

When it comes to their father, the two boys realize that their mother has been lying to them. They thus embark on a road journey to see several guys who could be their long-lost father.

9. Flight 

An airline pilot named Whip Whitaker prevents a plane from crashing. The required investigation, however, reveals that he was operating the aircraft while under the influence of cocaine and alcohol. This is definitely one of the good movies to watch on HBO Max this Halloween.

10. Furious 7

Shaw’s brother wants brutal retribution, trapping Dominic and his family in a nightmare. Along with dealing with their adversary, they must prevent a key software from ending up in the wrong hands.

11. The French Connection is Among the Good Movies to Watch on HBO Max this Halloween

A Marseilles-based heroin smuggling organization is discovered by two NYPD officers in the Narcotics Bureau, but catching them and apprehending their leaders proves to be a difficult task.

12. Horror of Dracula

A vampire assaults Jonathan Harker’s fiancee’s family after slaying Jonathan Harker. Things change, though, when Dr. Van Helsing, Harker’s buddy, discovers the truth and resolves to eliminate the predator.

13. The Golden Child

The destiny of mankind hangs in the balance after the abduction of a supernatural child. Then a high priestess enlists Chandler Jarrell, a doubtful social worker, to assist in his escape. One of the good movies to watch on HBO Max this Halloween.

14. Get Shorty is One of The Good Movies To Watch On HBO Max This Halloween

Gangster A movie producer hires Chili Palmer to come to Los Angeles to recover debts. He soon finds parallels to his previous position.

15. The House 

Scott and Kate, a married couple, decide to create an illegal casino in order to make money after their daughter’s university’s scholarship program is terminated.


We hope that you are going to have a nice Halloween Holiday with this list of amazing movies to watch on HBO Max. Just sit back and have a lovely and interesting on-screen time.

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