15 Good Movies on HBO Max to Watch this 2023 April

On this list, we have a lot of good movies you could watch on HBO max in April. You should read through our list and find something that you could watch during your free time.

Watch Good HBO Max April Movies; 15 Options

Good Movies to Watch this April on HBO Max 

Here are some amazing movies you will surely enjoy watching this April on HBO Max, which include:

1. Creed

Creed is an amazing movie you should watch on HBO max, starring the talented Michael B. Jordan. And, in this film, he is training to become a boxer.

2. The Banishers on Inisherin

The Banishers on Inisherin is a very good and well, interesting cinematic piece. In this movie, two best friends, decide to break up their almost lifelong friendship. However, this brings about some unexpected consequences.

3. All the Beauty and the Bloodshed is on the List of Good Movies to Watch on HBO max this April

On watching this movie, we can learn so many important and helpful life lessons from this movie. You should consider watching this movie

4. The Batman

This movie is a chain in the story of an amazing character in the DC universe. With this chain, you can learn so much about the character of batman, pair it with his mind and try to understand him. You will surely enjoy watching this movie.

5. Navalny

Navalny is another movie you can check out on HBO max, you will enjoy watching this movie with friends.

6. Empire of Light is Among the Good Movies to Watch this April on HBO max

Empire of light is an amazing movie with an even greater director, Sam Mendes, who happens to be an academy award winner. This is a love story set up in the past, they use the times to discuss the endurance of love.

7. All that Breathes

All that Breathes is a very interesting movie that you should watch. In this movie, there is an unsteady environment. And despite this, some individuals can care for others around them.

8. Shazam

With the arrival of Shazam II drawing nearer and nearer, watching Shazam I becomes a better idea with that, you can better understand Shazam II. Moreover, this is a great movie you could watch with your family and take in some important lessons.

9. Creed II: Good Movies to Watch this April on HBO max

A very good continuation to the masterpiece known as creed. This movie shows the amazing star, Michael B. Jordan continuing his journey as a boxer. Although he may lose sometimes, in the end, there is always a way.

10. The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the rings is a group of movies that stems from a very interesting and beloved set of books. Now, you get to watch this movie and explore this human search for power. You will certainly enjoy the journey.

11. Birdman

You can consider watching Birdman this April on HBO max, it is a very unique and thought-provoking movie. Moreover, it is about someone trying to rebuild their career and reconnect with their friends and family.

12. Barbarian is Included in the Movies that are Good to Watch on HBO max this April

Barbarian is a very interesting movie. And, in this movie, a woman uses an app to rent a house, it turns out she got a lot more than she could chew.

13. Black Adam

This movie has a lot of well-known actors playing in it such as Dwayne Johnson and Henry Cavill. Furthermore, it was a highly anticipated movie, that many waited to see. This is because a favorite character was introduced into the DCEU.

14. Matrix

The matrix is truly an amazing and highly insightful movie. However, it sheds a light or brings new ideas into life as we know them. And, it explains how society can affect it, it is certainly a thought-provoking piece.

15. The Dark knight: HBO max Movies that are Good to Watch this April

Another great movie you should watch on HBO max. It is another amazing DC movie with lots of well-made scenes. so, you will enjoy watching this.


In conclusion, we hope our list has opened your eyes to some of the interesting movies to watch on HBO max. So, make sure you enjoy your free time this April by watching any of these amazing movies.

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