15 Good Movies on Disney Plus (Disney+) to Watch this 2023 October | No. 10’s Top notch

Disney Plus always makes good movies available for people to watch, so enjoy the month of October by streaming online. However, watching movies is a way to relax after a stressful day at work or school.

Watch Good Disney Plus October Movies in 2022; Top 13

Moreover, Disney Plus has different types of movies for viewers to relax and watch online. So, if you are a lover of comedy, love, action, drama, and other types of movies, they are all available on Disney Plus.

15 Good Movies on Disney Plus to Watch this October

Here are the amazing movies you can watch online this October on Disney Plus. And, they include:

1. Elementals

Elementals is a great animated movie by Disney that you could watch with anyone, it has so many emotional scenes and relatable characters that pull you into the scene. Moreover, it teaches expression.

2. Guardians of the Galaxy Volume III

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume III finally dives into the backstory of one of the most popular Guardians, Rocket Raccoon. In this movie, we get introduced to a new villain, “The high Evolutionary” who also happens to be Rocket’s creator.

3. Free Guy: October Movies to Watch on Disney Plus

Free Guy is a great movie starring Ryan Reynolds. Furthermore, here he is a game character who discovers a pair of glasses that make him aware of his situation. He ends up falling for one of the human players and helping her uncover the plans of an evil cooperation.

4. Home Alone

A classic movie, you are surely going to enjoy watching this. In this movie, a young boy gets his wish of being home alone granted. However, things don’t always go as planned.

5. Turning Red

Turning Red is a great animated film you could watch. The animation, the voice acting, and the characters are all top-notch. In addition, it would be great to watch with family.

6. Guardians of The Galaxy Holiday Special is Also One of the Movies to Watch on Disney Plus this October

You can consider watching this film on Disney Plus. A movie featuring so many great actors, for example, Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana. Definitely, after watching this, you will be smiling.

7. Logan

In this movie, a mission makes Logan better known as the Wolverine come out of retirement to escort a young mutant named Laura. In addition, we get to see some interesting characters like X-23 and Professor X.

8. Wall. E

Wall. E is a movie you should definitely consider watching, it has extremely good ratings on basically every movie site. And, we get to see how even the most insignificant of cogs contribute to the movement of a clock.

9. Who Framed Roger Rabbit is Among the Movies to Watch on Disney Plus this October

Another interesting movie is Who Framed Roger Rabbit, it’s a great animated movie for all ages. You should definitely consider watching this.

10. Pinocchio

You can consider watching Pinocchio on Disney Plus. The animation, story, and voice acting in this movie are definitely peak. In addition, this movie is a sort of blast from the past.

11. Willow

This is another great movie you should watch this Valentine’s Day. The acting here is amazing, surely, you will enjoy watching this movie.

12. Deadpool is Included in the October Movies to Watch on Disney Plus

Deadpool, starring the amazing and funny Ryan Reynolds. This movie is sure to leave you laughing and waiting for more. In addition, the action scenes, weapons handling, and all in this movie are phenomenal.

13. Avatar

The Avatar movie is a definite must-watch movie. It Is just amazing. This movie is certainly memorable.

14. Black Widow

Black Widow, is a much-needed stand-alone movie for the Black Widow Avenger. In this movie, we get taken into the back story of Natasha Romanoff and even get introduced to her past friends.

15. Black Panther: Movies to Watch on Disney Plus this October

Black Panther is a great movie that you will so much love watching. The scenes and actors in this movie are stellar. Also, it reveals a lot about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You’ll certainly love this.


However, just make sure you enjoy the month of October by watching this amazing movie on Disney Plus. So, choose any of the good movies above and save yourself the stress of searching for movies to stream on Disney Plus because doing that can be sometimes tasking.

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