5 Good Movies on Disney Plus (Disney+) to Watch this 2022 January | No. 2’s Top Notch

From cartoons to animated movies, action films, blockbusters, superheroes, 3D animations and so on. What are you looking for in Disney+ that you will not see? This is January 2022 and they are lots of good movies on Disney Plus to watch. For over a decade till now this great filmmaker has been top-notch in the game.

5 good Movies on Disney Plus to watch this 2022 january

Disney+ has a great library of films that made waves in the movie industry. Moreover, they are still in reference up till today. The Walt Disney Studio has not stopped making blockbuster animated movies such as Moana and Frozen which are recent.

They are so classic. If you move on to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Walt Disney studio has done great work to having the likes of Iron Man etc. They are full of excitement, thrills, actions, comedy, and all.

Good Movies to Watch on Disney Plus this 2022 January Right Now

The Disney Plus movies are always known to bang the Tomatometer as they have few numbers of critical reviews. Their movies always have the thrills putting everyone in great awe. Streaming on Disney Plus can is fun and eye-catching.

Whatever genre you like, Disney Plus got you covered. Before streaming the movie, you can watch the trailer on Disney Plus to know which suits you best. Let’s look at the good Movies on Disney Plus to Watch this January:

1. Captain America: The First Avenger

This movie is so thrilling and full of action. it has a Tomatometer score of 80% and few critics reviews. The movie takes us back to 1941 when there was a great war and how Captain America became the first avenger. Captain America showcases his fighting skills and lots more.

2. Moana

It’s an adventure, comedy, and exciting animated movie. The movie made in 2016 was a blockbuster as then. The movie sold far and wide. Based on research, it’s actually the 56th animated feature made by Disney’s Animation Studio. It featured a great movie star which is Dwayne Johnson. His part was funny and full of action too.

Note: This happens to be one of the Good Movies on Disney Plus I personally recommend for You to Watch this January 2022.

3. Avengers:  Endgame

Its previous episode was a hit not to talk of the avengers: endgame. The movie was a huge blockbuster. As the name implies, the endgame was actually the end of the infinity story. Being a lover of the marvel cinematic universe, I watched it at its first debut.

It’s thrilling and exciting. Every video scene was full of action and had a great impact on one’s emotions. Sometimes you feel like crying, at times you just laugh.

2 Other Films to Stream on Disney+ in January 2022

4. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Another wonderful series that will blow your mind. As a matter of fact, it’s an action movie. It’s full of adventures and buzzes are in there. So packed with action, it’s not a movie you should miss. Starring Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, and others. You must not miss this. This is one of the Good Movies on Disney Plus to users should try to Watch this January 2022.

5. Thor: Ragnarok

I have watched this movie over and over again. It’s so exceptional. Bringing in the great action between the Hulk and Thor was a great one. So many fascinating things occurred which still lead to the avengers: infinity war. You should know by now that most marvel movies do connect.

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