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There are different good movies you can watch this January on Britbox. So, you can decide to start a new year by watching good movies on this movie platform. And, this is because there are lots of interesting movies you can stream on Britbox.

13 Good Movies on Britbox to Watch this January

Good Movies on Britbox to Watch this January

Here are thirteen movies to watch on the Britbox platform.

1. The Tractate Middoth

This is a movie that you can watch on the Britbox platform. However, this movie is for adults so you can watch it in your alone time if you have kids. You can watch it with friends for fun alongside popcorn. This 2013 movie is a thriller that will put you on the edge of your seat.

2. Coalition

This movie will be available on the Britbox platform from the  6th of January. The movie centers around four women who join hands together for revenge. They plan to get their revenge on a pro athlete and his three friends after they played them.

3. Killed by Debt is Among the Good Movies to Watch this January on Britbox

Killed by debt is a good movie to watch. This movie follows Jerome who has managed to get a motorcycle and started working as a courier. Besides, as he starts working he gets two traffic fines and the ballots start calling making him desperate and not seeing a way out.

4. Hotel in the clouds

This movie is a 2014 movie and it follows the staff of a hotel and what goes on in the hotel. This movie is on the Britbox platform and it is a movie you are surely going to enjoy watching on the platform this January 2023.

5. Murdered by my father

This is a television series that is on the Britbox platform. The film follows a father who is trying his best to look out for his children after his wife died. The story follows his daughter who is torn between her duty of marrying the man her father has chosen and the Mann she loves. This is worth watching if you haven’t watched it before.

6. The Curse of Frankenstein: Good Movies to Watch on Britbox this January

The Curse of Frankenstein is a classic movie and you might find it very interesting to watch. And, the movie is currently on the platform and you can watch it right from your home on any of your devices as long as you live in the UK.

7. The Witches

The Witches is a 2020 movie that follows the life of an orphan boy who is living with his grandmother. However, the boy encounters the witches and is turned into a mouse, now he and fellow mouse children alongside his grandmother her trying to stop the witch’s plans.

8. The Reptile

The Reptile is a horror movie that follows a man named Harry who is trying to uncover his brother’s death and decides to move his family into his brother’s home where he encounters a snake-like creature that is terrorizing the community.

9. To The Devil a Daughter is one of the Good Movies to Watch this January on Britbox

This is a horror and cult movie, if you are a fan of horror then you can add it to your watchlist. In this movie Ann officially banned priest starts a satanic cult that looks like a church from the outside.

10. Spy among friends

This is a 2022 movie that is set in England in 1963, where a man named Nicholas Elliott works for MI6 as an intelligence officer but is left in turmoil when he learns his close friend and colleague whose name is Kim Philby, had been secretly working as a double agent.

11. Hope street

This television series follows Inspector Finn O’Hare and Sergeant Marlene Pettigrew. Also, the team investigated crime in the small coastal town of Port Devine in Northern Ireland. You can enjoy this series on the Britbox platform.

12. Magpie murders is on list of Good Movies to Watch this January

This tv series is a beguiling murder mystery with a solution that will both astonish and shock you, the plot of Magpie Murders revolves around the character Susan Ryeland who is an editor who is given an unfinished manuscript of author Alan Conway’s latest novel, but unknowingly to her, she has little idea it will change her life.

13. Persuasion

This 2008 series is available on the Britbox platform. This movie follows an unmarried woman who encounters her former love after he returns from battle. And, in the movie, she is trying to come to terms with how their relationship ended when they were last together and how she has changed.


However, watch this movie this January 2023 in Britbox. Enjoy quality movie time with your loved ones, the platform has an extensive library of movies and you can start with this one here. This list will help you save time searching for movies to watch.

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