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January is around the corner and you can start creating a watchlist for good movies to watch on BBC iPlayer. However, this article has prepared thirteen good movies that you must it rewatch on BBC iPlayer. You will definitely have fun watching these movies.

13 Good Movies on BBC iPlayer to Watch this January

Good Movies on BBC iPlayer to Watch this January

Below You will get some Good Movies on BBC iPlayer to Watch this January.

1. Paddington 2

This movie is a classic and it was made in 2010. This sequel continues to follow the bear as he tries to get a pop-up book for his aunt before it is stolen. This movie is worth re-watching and you are going to have a laugh when watching.

2. The Railway Children

This movie is an adaptation of a children’s book of the same name and the movie follows three children as they head to the countryside after the arrest of their father. Along the journey, they develop a friendship with a porter at a local railway station.

3. Death on the Nile is on the List of Good Movies to Watch this January on BBC iplayer

Death on the Nile is definitely worth re-watching. This 1978 version can be watched on BBC iPlayer and this movie follows a detective who get suprises of finding out how Manny’s enemies and heiress have made when she is killed on her honeymoon.

4. Spider-Man Far From Home

In this movie, we follow peter parker as he tries to find himself without an iron man to guide him. He takes a field trip to Europe and faces some unexpected dangers. This movie is a masterpiece and is a must watch.

5. Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar Revenge

In this series of the pirate of the Caribbean, the young Henry Turner searches for a way to release his father from the ship. In doing so he seems to help from Jack sparrow and meets other people along the way. This is a great movie to watch or re-watch.

6. Shaun the sheep: farmageddon is One of the Good BBC Movies to Watch this January

This movie is for the whole family, it shows us what happens when an alien ship lands on a farm. In this movie a sheep named Shawn tries to help the alien return home before she is discovered by the ministry of alien detection.

7. What Love Got to do with it

Now, this is a movie you will have to watch out of the sight of the kids due to its sting language, sexual content, and violence. The movie follows a girl who starts from a humble beginning as a church choir to a world-famous singer. This movie shows us her journey.

8. Ghostbusters II

This movie is a classic and what better time to watch this movie than in January? The movie reunites the Ghostbusters when a river of ghost slime is discovered in New York City. The Ghostbusters must tangle with a 16th-century malevolent spirit who is planning to use an infant as his conduit.

9. Missing Link: Good Movies on BBC iPlayer to Watch this January

This is a movie that follows a Victorian adventurer who encounters a creature that needs his help. However, there is a hunter in pursuit of them. This is a movie for the whole family and you would still have fun when watching the movie.

10. Emma

Watch this musical especially if you have not and if you definitely know it is worth re-watching. This movie follows Emma Woodhouse who is wealthy, and beautiful, lives with her father

11. Zootropolis

Watch Zootropolis with the entire family, sure the family might have watched it but your kids are still going to love it. It is definitely worth re-watching with friends and family. The movie follows a bunny and a fox as they work together and also overcome prejudice.

12. Pokemon Detective Pikachu is Among the Good Movies to Watch this January on BBC iplayer

In this movie, a detective name Harry Goodman mysteriously disappears his son starts to look for him. Tim the man’s son meets a detective pokemon and joins hands with him to find out what happen to his father.

13. Finding Dory

This movie that follows dory who suddenly remembers are parents. In remembering her parents it triggers a voyage across the ocean. She can only remember the name of a place and that she misses them a lot.


Watch this movie on BBC iPlayer and have fun with friends. There are so many movies to watch on the platform in January and you can start with the ones listed above. On the platform, you can watch classic movies starring Marilyn Monroe. Also using the family you can distract the kids by playing cartoons or animated movies for them.

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