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Watch good movies on BBC iPlayer this April, the platform has amazing movies that are just for their user’s entertainment. You can watch movies with a variety of genres, such as action, fantasy, sci-fi and so many more all from your device like your phone or laptop. You can have a great time watching movies with friends, lovers and family.

Watch Good BBC iPlayer April Movies; 15 Options

15 Good Movies on BBC iPlayer to Watch this 2023 April

April 2023 is close and there are a lot of good movies to watch on BBC iPlayer that will make Your month a whole lot more fun. So, what You will get below are some of the best movies that You can check out on BBC iPlayer this April.

1. Halloween

This movie is a horror movie. The movie shows us a serial killer who escaped from prison and begins to hunt down a woman who escaped him. He hunts down Laurie strode a woman who narrowly escaped his killing spree on the night of Halloween four decades ago.

2. Jones

This movie contains some upsetting scenes depending on you, of course, but the movie is actually based on a true-life story. A man named Gareth Jones escapes from Moscow’s decadence and then discovers Ukraine’s desperation.

3. An Irish Goodbye is One of the Good Movies on BBC iPlayer to Watch this April

In this award-winning comedy, two estranged brothers Turlough and Lorcan reunite following the untimely death of their mother. The brother’s pained reunion is made worse by the fact that Turlough must make new care arrangements for Lorcan who has down syndrome.

4. The Hurt Locker

This movie is a military movie packed with action, intrigue and mystery. In this movie, a military man who is a maverick member of the US military unit is tasked with tackling IEDs and bomb disposal which aggravates his teammates.

5. Northern Soul

This follows a shy teenager named john who is introduced to Northern Soul by his friend who is music obsessed. He discovers that the girl he has a crush on is also into things like that so he decides to join and becomes completely absorbed into this new world.

6. Kung Fu Panda 3 is Among the Good Movies on BBC iPlayer to Watch this April

In the third sequel of Kung fu Panda, Po does not think he is ready and so does the furious five. But when a panda arrives in the valley of the peace and beat Po’s dumpling eating record it leads to him discovering more about his past and him having the confidence to face his future.

7. Mud

In this coming-of-age movie, two young lads join a spirited mystery man’s quest to reunite with his true love. Meanwhile being unaware of different forces and feelings that also have to be faced along the way.

8. Sully

Sully follows a pilot named Chesley Sullenberger who is branded a hero when he saves passengers’ lives by landing his damaged airline on the Hudson River. However, the pilot is left haunted by the event. In addition, Sully is one of the movies to watch in April.

9. The Beach is One of the Good Movies on BBC iPlayer to Watch this April

This movie contains strong language, some violence and sexual content so don’t watch it with kids. The movie follows a tourist named Richard who was restless in Thailand and learns about a remote location.

10. The Bling Ring

This is a crime drama that was inspired by a true story. In this movie curiosity leads to crime as a fashion fan March helps his classmates Nicki and Rebecca find the homes of celebrities who are away and steal from them.

11. Doctor Zhivago

In addition, in this movie, a doctor and a poet fall in love. The doctor grows up in the home of Alexander Gromeko and eventually marries their daughter. But his true love is another woman named Lara who is the mistress of a political opportunist.

12. The Peanut Butter Falcon is Among the Good Movies on BBC iPlayer to Watch this April

In this movie, a young man who suffers from down syndrome runs away from home in order to fulfil his dream of becoming a wrestler. The movie contains some strong and discriminatory language so viewers’ discretion is advised.

13. Kick-Ass 2

In addition, Kick-Ass 2 is One of the movies to watch in April. You can’t fight destiny, in the second movie when Hit Girl is forced to retire and return back to high school, Kick-Ass joins a superhero team called Justice forever. Also, the movie is quite thrilling and you will find it enjoyable if you haven’t watched it yet.

14. Ups & Downs

Watch this movie where a young man with down syndrome tricks his sister into a road trip to go to a concert while also being pursued by their mom. With them having no phone, money or plan will they succeed?

15. The Two Faces of January is One of the Good Movies on BBC iPlayer to Watch this April

The two faces of January show us Athens in 1962, where Chester an American con artist and his wife need the help of a suspicious stranger to get them out of Greece after a murder is committed. Meanwhile, the movie is a thriller that you will enjoy


Enjoy watching these movies on BBC iPlayer this April, and have fun with friends or with family watching movies on the platform from any of your devices that can connect to the online platform. while away time watching good movies.

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