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There are tons of movies to watch on the Apple TV Plus platform, but the time you will time searching for a movie that will even interest you will be long and hard. That is why you are reading this article because here you will see fifteen Good Movies on Apple Tv Plus to Watch this 2023 May.

Watch Good Apple TV Plus May Movies; 15 Options

Apple TV Plus has an array of genres and they also carry family-friendly movies too.

15 Good Movies on Apple Tv Plus to Watch this 2023 May

May 2023 is close and there are a lot of good movies to watch on Apple TV Plus that will make Your month a whole lot more fun. So, what You will get below are some of the best movies that You can check out on Apple TV Plus this May.

1. The Lost King

Watch this 2022 family-friendly movie that follows an ambitious writer and amateur historian as he is guided by instinct and spectral visions. He defies the academic establishment and unearths Richard III long-missing remains.

2. Girl Talk

The girl talk movie is a movie that takes place in a boy-dominated world of high school debate where the tomorrow leaders are groomed. The movie shows us five girls who are determined to become the best debaters in the United States.

3. Goodbye, Don Gleese Can be One of the Good Movies on Apple Tv Plus to Watch this May

This is a Japanese animated movie that follows three teens who embark on a life-changing journey in a forest to prove that they were not the ones that caused a local fire. This movie is one you can enjoy with your family.

4. Harris Goes To Paris

This historical drama follows Mrs. Harris who is a widowed cleaning lady, she falls in love with a couture Dior Dress and decides that she must have one of her own. After she has worked to raise the funds, she embarks on a journey to Paris that will change her life.

5. Belle

This historical drama movie is a family-friendly movie, the movie shows us the life of an Illegitimate daughter of a navy. She is brought home to the family and raised by her aristocratic uncle and his wife with their daughter.

6. Ghosted Can be Among the Good Movies on Apple Tv Plus to Watch this May

You are going to enjoy this adventure, romance, action and comedy movie. The movie follows Cole who after a date with Sadie determines that she is ignoring his existence, he decides to track her down and finds out that she is a CIA operative.

7. Tetris

This historical drama shows us how Henk Rogers discovers Tetris in 1988 and how he risk everything by travelling to the Soviet Union where he then joins forces with an inventor by the name of Alexy Pajitnor to make the game public.

8. Sharper

This movie is a drama, crime and thriller. It follows a son a wealthy New York City family who is angry and cannot get his family to recognize him for who he is. He goes about to carry out one of the most devilish schemes one can imagine.

9. Emancipation Can be One of the Good Movies on Apple Tv Plus to Watch this May

This movie follows Peter who is a plantation slave in Louisiana, he manages to escapes his servitude running to the American North where he joins up with union army forces to help deliver justice to the Confederates.

10. Causeway

This movie follows a soldier who is making an unintended return home after she suffers from a traumatic brain injury while serving in Afghanistan. Now back home she now has to re-acclimate to her family and friends.

11. Spirited

This comedy movie is a great movie, the movie star two amazing actors Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds. The movie follows a man who is accidentally visited by the spirit of Christmas present. This is a  movie that will have you laughing your heart out.

12. Raymond And Ray Can be Among the Good Movies on Apple Tv Plus to Watch this May

This comedy-drama shows us it is not really easy to let go of our loved ones. In this movie the last request wish they receive is for them to dig their dad’s grave. Doing their best to fulfill their father’s last wish the two men get to work.

13. The Greatest Beer Run Ever

This amazing comedy movie is one that you will not regret watching, the movie shows true friendship, loyalty and war. This movie follows a man who goes on an incredible journey into the heart of war to get his friends a beer.

14. The Sky Is Everywhere

This romantic drama shows us love and loss. The movie follows a music prodigy Lennie Walker who is grieving the sudden death of her older sister and during the midst of heartbreak, she began falling in love.

15. Palmer Can be One of the Good Movies on Apple Tv Plus to Watch this May

This movie is a homecoming story about Eddie Palmer who was his hometown hero, a high school footballer now ex-convict. He returns home after twelve years in prison and everything is not the way it was, he befriends the seven-year-old son of his neighbour and things start to look up.


From the fifteen movies above there are some family-friendly movies for you and your family and there are others where you can just watch yourself, with friends or with your partner. You are so going to enjoy the above movie selection.

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