15 Good Movies on VUDU to Watch this 2023 April

Looking for good movies to watch on VUDU this April? Then, trust me you have come to the right place. Mind you, every single movie on VUDU is available for free.

Watch Good Vudu April Movies; 15 Options

15 Good Movies to Watch  on VUDU This April

Here are some of the good movies available to watch on VUDU this April;

1. One of the Good Movies to Watch on VUDU this April is Bosses

This good movie is about the head of a ferocious criminal organization. He is threatened to leave town in seven days or die. Now, will he find who wants him dead first? There’s only one way for you to find out. Head on to VUDU.

2. Breakup Masters

Sean and Paula have been dating since Sean was 15 and now that he’s 25, he wants to venture off without her. Now, Sean doesn’t know how to end things with her because people handle break-ups in different ways. Watch how this comedy unfolds.

3. Children of Shangai

Children of Shangai is the story of a million Chinese orphans. How they were moved into local foster families after the invention of a British footballer.

4. Another Good Movie to Watch on VUDU this April is Burden

Featuring Dowler-Coltman Burden is a romance movie. It’s about a recovering alcoholic who rekindles his relationship with his ex-girlfriend.

5. Best Years Gone

Except for the love of his life Sylvia, Gil doesn’t have any friends or family. But this relationship is soon strained by Sylvia’s twin daughters.

6. Hitchhiker Massacre

A pretty young hitchhiker attempts to survive the night as a sadistic killer. There is also the cannibalistic madman who haunts deserted highways for fresh roadkill.

7. Coyote is Another Movie to Watch on VUDU this April

Two young American men begin smuggling illegal immigrants for profit. They start this just after their Mexican friend gets deported.

8. The Godfather Buck

Two brothers meet at a cabin once a year to hunt white-tailed deer for a week. One day their stepbrother drops by for an evening and this fateful encounter changes their life forever.

9. Easy Land

A drama movie that follows a mother and daughter who are Serbian refugees. They struggle with various hindrances facing newcomers to Canada.

10. If You’re Looking for a Good Movie to Watch on VUDU this April, then You Should Watch Todd

Filled with suspense, Todd is the story of a man who always felt like the odd one out, even from a young age. When psychoanalysis and depression drugs failed him, he becomes introverted and spirals into insanity.

11. The Suppression of Hannah Stevenson

This is a must-watch horror movie honestly. A young couple takes their first holiday in a foreign land together. The couple turns to a mysterious local woman for help, but the truth is even far more destructive than they think.

12. A Christmas Carol

A former cop, George is convinced that Andreas Fink is a child murderer. He tries to shed more light on the truth by kidnapping him. Watch what happens later on VUDU

13. House of Evil is Also a Good Movie to Watch on VUDU this April

Featuring Andrew Harwood Mills and Lucy Drive is a horror movie House of Evil. This good movie is about a couple who move on to an old mansion that has many secrets.

14. Butt Boy

A comedy and crime movie about Detective Fox who loves work and alcohol. His sponsor, Chip, Becomes a suspect in the investigation of a missing child.

15. Freeze

A Horror and thriller movie you must watch on VUDU this April 2023. It’s the story of Captain Mortimer on a rescue mission to the North Pole.


VUDU has all these movies available for free on their platform. In other words, good movies are on VUDu too and you should watch some this April.

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